Friday, August 06, 2010

What is it?

While checking out some local yard-garage-estate sales this morning...and finding quite a few bargains...Leon found this item. Cost was only $1.00 - so could not go wrong on that part. The man conducting this estate sale did not know for sure it's intended use. Leon said he had never seen anything like it.100_4187 100_4188 100_4190

Both Leon and the gentlemen think it is a gardening hoe - or is it? Have any of your readers scattered through the world seen anything like it? If so, fill us in on the details.


While out in the yard I snapped some pictures of the flowers...the ones in the pots look fair - but require watering practically every day...the ones in the yard are looking rather pitiful. I water them - but water from the hose is just not the same as a good rain.100_4196 100_4194 100_4195 100_4192 100_4193 100_4198100_4201  100_4204


We found several other bargains while out this pictures now....but they range from a Fossil brand wallet (practically new) for $1.00 - two glass bowls - a couple of large straw baskets - chain saw for cutting limbs (also had a weed eater attachment - this part never used) chain saw one time---several bracelets, and a few other items. Had a wonderful time too!

Looks like the temperature is going to stay below 100 degrees today...wonderful news! However, according to the weather map it is headed back up for several days.

Ya'll take care - Hugs from my house to yours!



Marilyn said...

You got some bargains! Now, I wonder if that is a tamper that Leon got? It would work for one if it isn't. Amelia, all that work and water sure are paying off. Your plants are still so pretty! We are enjoying just 95 degrees!! Seems so nice and mild out. Ha

Darlene said...

Hi Amelia,

I don't know what that is. Your flowers look like they are doing GREAT!! Just beautiful!! Is it really below 100 today???? It sure feels HOT here. Sounds like you got a BUNCH of great bargains!

Valerie said...

I have no idea what that is. I can't wait to hear if you find out. Your flowers are gorgeous! Everything is drying up here except what I can water. Our vegetable garden is just about dried up except for tomatoes, okra, & peppers. It is still some good food though. Hope you are doing well.

Hazel said...

Great fines ,sounds like you got some really good treasures .
As always your gardens are beautiful ,wish I had your green thumb .

Carol said...

Your flowers look amazing despite this heat! We had a brief rain shower yesterday morning, but not enough to do any good. In the meantime we'll keep our water hose handy!


Stacey said...

Amelia, your flowers are still so pretty! Nothing much blooming here because of the heat. I'm about tired of going out and watering too. Fussy....

I have no clue what that thing is. Looks interesting though.

Victoria said...

No ideas here either but it's neat looking!

Sounds like you both found some great deals! It's been so hot and humid here that I just don't want to go to yard sales because the humidity soaks my clothes! Actually, I don't want to do much but stay indoors!!! :)

Christina said...

Very interesting piece. Not sure what it is though.

Your flowers are still so pretty. Chloe's garden is looking kind of sad. It is just so bloomin' hot here that it is hard to keep things watered. You probably have a system. We just try to remember if we can.

julieQ said...

I think that is a homemade hoe...for big weeds!! I like your is fun to go garage sale-ing!