Monday, August 16, 2010

Dry, Brown and Crunchy

The title of this post describes so much of our yard...and a lot of my flowers. Water from the hose just does not do the same as good old water from the sky....remember that is called "Rain". We did get three drops around noon...certainly did not do any good.

No one wants to see ugly - so I will share some pictures of the flowers that are still pretty.100_4216 100_4217 100_4220 100_4222 100_4233 100_4234100_4240 100_4241 On the pictures of the little frog - look closely to see it...he/she is the size of my cute.

I am ready for some cooler weather...have not checked the temperature today - but perhaps we did not reach 100. If that is true will be the first day in about 3 to 4 weeks. Certainly will enjoy the fall weather this year.

Still not working on any quilty things - have been doing some scrapbook layouts - that is about the extinct of my creative projects.

Take care - if in the area - stop by!

Amelia Hugs from me to you!


Darlene said...

Hi Amelia,

Our yard is looking like that too. We water certain areas and right now we are on an odd/even watering ban. We are an even address so we can water on even days. I LOVE the picture of the little frog....too cute! I am SOOOO ready for some cooler temperatures. We didn't get ANY rain yet with the 40% and 30% predictions I have seen. COME ON RAIN!!!!!!!♥

Carol said...

Only 94 here today, heat index 98. At least that's better than last week. I'm longing for a nice refreshing rainy day!
Your little frog is a cutie! I had one looking in a window the other night when I went to turn off the lamp.


Amanda said...

It must be heartbreaking when the plants start to suffer like that from lack of water. We've had a very dry summer too, for us, so the grass is looking a bit brown, but not too bad as DH just hasn't been cutting it. Most of the plants are okay though as we had so much rain in the spring that they've just had to drop their roots deep enough to find water. We've had some rain over the last couple of weeks though, so no hosepipe ban here. What a cute frog, such a lovely colour. Our frogs are all a muddy green colour.

Suzan said...

Love the photos today! I know this has been one heck of a summer...either too dry or horrible floods. We have been fortunate where I live in Pennsylvania but just a county or two away and it is dry and brown. We had some really good rain and cooler temps over the weekend so no garden watering for at least another week. Thank goodness!!

Jen said...

That little frog looks like he picked out a nice cool spot. You sure picked out some pretty flowers to show case. We've got some rain on Sunday and it has cooled things down and washed away a lot of the humidity. A nice relief.