Monday, March 15, 2010


Normally what I did this afternoon would be called early gardening...pulling dead plants, cutting back the roses, and picking up stray stuff.

But I am actually late in doing part of it...the weather has been so cold and windy after the snow I could not stand to get out in it. I get a go-to-bed type headache from cold wind if I am out in it any length of time.

Mr.. Sun stayed hid while I was out - but the temperature was in the 50's - so not too bad...and the wind was just a gentle no problem there either.

No way did I complete all that should be done...but did make a good start on it...oh the weeds, especially the plant (chickweed?) is coming on full force.

The ice and snow was on the ground for so long sure wrecked havoc with the monkey grass and the periwinkle. I know they will survive but will take longer than normal to get green and full again. Also the strawberries plants are rather pitiful looking.

100_0512100_0515 This was the way the flowering crab apple tree in our front yard looked last year on the 20th of this month...right now there is nothing on it. The buds are not even started - let alone full enough to blossom.

I am confident spring time will arrive - but these March winds and then the April showers had better produce some beautiful May flowers.

Question: Is there some new plant you want to put out this year in your flower garden or container this year that you have never planted before? At this point, not any for me...but you can never tell when I go to looking at Lowe's or Atwood's (a local store).

Oh, another bit of gardening news - the onions got planted in the vegetable garden this morning...6 bunches total. So in about a month we should be able to have green onions to enjoy with our meals.




Stacey said...

I have wanted to work outside all day today but I just can't make myself do it in the chilly wind! I did work out last weekend. Gave all of my monkey grass a haircut. It looks funny for a little bit then comes back new and pretty.

julieQ said...

Oh, your tree all blossomed out is so pretty! I know what you mean, I loved the better weather so I could be outside working the last few days, it has been wonderful.

Marilyn said...

Mike planted our onions today too. No new plants interest me this year. I want to get a sweet potato vine--the chartreuse one. That is it. We have henbit everywhere. That stuff spread something awful this winter. Hope we get more good weather this week. Our weather man says rain tomorrow and on Saturday.

Valerie said...

You are so smart! I need to be out working outside too but it was so cool here today and no sun! I am ready for Spring.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see your yard in full bloom. Such beauty.

Renee said...

This is the week that my mom died and I always notice the Bradford Pear blooms b/c they were in such bloom the year she died. So every year I take note of them during this time of March. But I noticed just today - not a bloom in sight. I can NOT wait until the spring!! It can't get here fast enough.

Amanda said...

We've had some lovely sunshine here the last few days, although it's still been very chilly, so DH has got a lot of gardening done, and I've been pottering about in the greenhouse. Now that we've been here a year we have a pretty good idea of what we've got, and certainly plan to plant some roses this year to get some more flowers into the garden. And I've got a fig tree on order which will grow in a pot in our courtyard garden.

Kristie said...

I really need to get out and work in my yard! But just haven't had the time right now. My flowerbeds look horrible, this was a rough winter for everyone, I believe.

I was thinking the other day about how I want to do my flowers and yard when we do finally get in the new house. I can't really plant around it right now because of all the building materials being dragged around it.

Christina said...

We have had a couple of beautiful days this week. Chloe was out in the sunshine yesterday weeding her little garden spot. I haven't gotten the spring fever for outside yet, but it will come.

While not a new plant, I hope to plant my flower bed out front with lantanta this summer. For years I planted it w/that and it was beautiful. For the past few years we have planted other things and it has never looked as lush and full. So the old becomes new again. It also loves the full harsh sun.

Enjoy the spring blooms. Your pink blossoms are beautiful.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

We are in S. GA and everything is late here to. We are however starting to see many more blooms this week. Rain today. I have got to get out and do some of that cleaning up too. It has just been so cold and damp for so long. Jackie

Judi said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day...a bit late in the day..
Oh dear isn't that something about your weather being like that and not having the beautiful blooms you should be having.

Well we are early but we wouldn't have blooms yet. Our temperature was 64F today can you even imagine. Its been so great but I did hear that we're supposed to get some of the white stuff next week. I don't think I could do that we've been so lucky this year.

Your tree last year at this time was gorgeous. This year I would like to plant a hydrangea plant. I've never had one and have thought of it for the past couple of years.

have a great rest of the evening and hopefully you can get out there and do some gardening soon..

Lynn said...

So pretty we had a large crabapple tree on our front yard growing up. It was beautiful and one day it just split in half. It was very very old and huge. And beautiful for those few weeks that it bloomed. It was in front of my bedroom window and when I looked out the only thing I could see was pink. My main chore though was sweeping up crabapples. Oh and running the gauntlet of bees - they liked the crabapples - that was not fun.
Now I'd plant lilacs like my mother had. Supposedly it doesn't get cold enough her in NC for them to grow well. So I have one little one that after 8 years is 3 feet high.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the picture of the crabapple tree! I would get pneumonia in the cold wind if I tried to work out in it, especially if it was still damp. You take care when you out to work and make sure you are dressed for the day. Hat included!