Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bunnies everywhere!

Valentine is over - Spring and Easter are so near - so changes were made to reflect this.

100_3048This happy bunny is sitting amidst a bed of Easter grass and the middle of the dining room table.

100_3053 Grandma and Grandpa Bunny proudly showing off the tulips from their garden. (I can pretend anyway.)

100_3061 Imagine this - another bunny in the Watkins house...this one is occupying space on the coffee table.
100_3062This big bunch of tulips is adding a punch of color to the computer room with the bright red in the white pitcher.

100_3066 Mr. Long Legs Bunny is standing guard by the living room door from the hall way.

100_3065Mrs. Long Legs Bunny is near the hall tree with a cute basket type purse holding one lime green egg.

As you can tell most of my decorations fall into the whimsical area...but they make me happy! Perhaps I am in my second childhood - but that is okay too!

I know the true meaning of Easter -my Savior has risen and I serve him daily.



Stacey said...

Good Morning Amelia. Your bunnies are perfect for spring. Hope you are having a nice weekend. :)

Michelle said...

I love all your bunny decorating. That gave me a gentle reminder that spring hopefully, really IS on the way, and I have a cute bunny decoration I got last year junkin' that I need to put out soon, along with the porcelain eggs I also got.

NEXT Sunday morning, we will already have 'SPRUNG' forward by this time! Woo hoo! I love it when it stays light later at night! It gives me hope that Louie and I will be able to be outside more.

Have a blessed day.

Marilyn said...

They are adorable. Love this time of year and decorating the house for spring and Easter. Enjoy.

Marilyn said...

Great bunnies. Spring is right around the corner and i can't wait. Are you getting rain? It is on the verge here.

Darlene said...

All of your bunnies are wonderful and I love whimsical ones too!! Spring and Easter ARE on the way!!

Victoria said...

I like you in your second childhood! :)

I am anxious to get moved so I can pull out my spring decor.

julieQ said...

I really enjoy seeing your seasonal pretties!! Easter is a favorite time of year for me.

Jen said...

Hi Amelia
Cute little bunnies--and you don't have to feed these guys!

Judi said...

Hi Amelia
Love all your bunnies...don't you just love them. They would make me smile too...
have a lovely day
enjoy the sunshine

Christina said...

Happy Spring! Well, happy "almost" spring. : ) I love Mr. Long Leg bunny. He is wonderful.

Thank goodness for a Saviour who is alive and with us even today.

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your bunny decorations--so pretty. I wish you a Happy Easter.