Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quilt Math

Question: When does a 8 1/2 inch circle become a 5 inch square?

Answer: When making a cathedral window rag quilt..100_3067 This quilt consists of three layers...cotton top and bottom fabrics with flannel in the middle...this is probably one of the most expensive quilts I have you can only get 20 squares from a yard of fabric - if it is 44 inches wide - plus you have to make sure you draw the circles right next to each other...yes, I made some mistakes along the way. Seems like I went thru about 5 spools of thread too. But on the positive side I had about half of the fabric and the thread in my quilting closet stash.

100_3069 As with any rag quilt there is lots of snipping of the raw edges to obtain the desired ragged look. Back many moons ago I made a raw quilt and had so much snipping to do I ruined a pair of little scissors. When wondering around in Hobby Lobby several weeks ago I spotted a pair of scissors designed just for I had a 40% coupon off so purchased them for $10.00 and some change. They are made by Friskars and work like a absolute must if you are going to make a rag quilt. 100_3071I learned many lessons as I went along...some I could instantly use when I discovered them...other insights will be ones I use if I ever make another one - or if helping some one make one. My very favorite marking pencil is no longer carried by Hancock's so I resorted to pencils...yes just plain lead ones...found out that some lead comes out of some fabrics and some doesn't...I thought I had tested all the lead on all the fabric...but looks like I did not...lesson learned....but I won't show you the lines and you may not see many of them unless you look real close. However, I have only washed and dried this one time...and that was without any may try some soap and see if that removes the markings. Looks like I will have to go on-line and order those marking pencils and bite the dust to pay for the shipping/handling charges.

100_3074 The walking foot helped so much in feeding this extremely heavy thing thru the process. One thing I should have done is move everything to the dining room table where there was something for the quilt to rest on while feeding it thru the machine...will next time.

The bright purple is pretty...much prettier in person than the pictures show. The center floral part is several different patterns - depending on what I had in my stash...but purple is also one of the colors. Even the solid looking purple is really several different patterns...had to buy some of it...but I found some that matched what I had at home.

I am glad I am through with this one...I am still hand quilting a scrappy quilt at night when I do my hand quilting...there seems to always be a quilt in some stage of creation going on in my house.

Now if Spring would hurry and arrive I could get outside and work in the flower beds...but we are supposed to have rain and snow over the weekend. Must keep in mind the good Lord is providing us with lots of moisture.



Marilyn said...

That quilt is absolutely beautiful. It looks so complicated. May be a good weekend for quilting. We have wintery mix forecast.

Hazel said...

How pretty I bet that kept you busy for a while . We use all kinds of pencils at our hand quilting class. don't worry about the marks they will wear off in time .
Did someone say spring its going to be 66F here tomorrow ( then rain for 3 days )

Kristie said...

Oh, I just love it! Ya know, I have never made a rag quilt!!! It has been on my long list of "to do" but just haven't got to it yet!

I really like how you did it in the cathedral windows disign, looks wonderful like that!

Stacey said...

That quilt is so complicated and beautiful! Wow!

Michelle said...

It looks beautiful, Amelia. I have made just the regular rag quilts. They are a lot of work, but nice, heavy, well built quilts. This quilt will be well loved. Love the Cathedral windows design.
be blessed, Michelle

Amanda said...

Rag quilts always look so cosy and snuggly, and yours looks so pretty. I bet it was heavy to work on though. Isn't it great when you get a quilt finished and can take a photograph, and then plan what to do next. We've had a few lovely sunny, though chilly days, and then some rain yesterday. We always remember that England wouldn't look so green and luscious if it wasn't for the amount of rain we get.

Suzan said...

Looks great! WOW, that was a lot of work!!

Belvie said...

Rag quilts are so snuggly...and that one is so pretty!

julieQ said...

Oh, that is an awesome quilt! Bet it left a ton of lint in your is so pretty, Amelia.

Lynn said...

I love it! What a beautiful color. I know about the heaviness. I made a flannel rag quilt and was exhausted after quilting it. Next time I'm leaving the batting out.