Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing Weed

The weed I am referring to is not in the drug area.

We first spotted this weed about 4 years ago at a widely used cross roads. In fact, I was so excited in seeing something so pretty I asked Leon to stop the car so I could take a close look. At that time I could not recall ever seeing it growing anywhere in this area.

In a few days Leon came home with some he pulled up at that location. We planted them - and was hoping they would live.

Each year we get more and more it must like its new home.

Found out the name of it one time in thumbing through a magazine and saw a picture of it. The picture called it Wild Bergamot. Sure enough our "weed" is that.

100_1374 The wire you see is for the Hyacinth Bean and Cypress vines that 100_1386are growing. The vines are slowly starting to grow up the sides of the end of summer most of the wire will be covered in these two vines.  This is a close up of the blossom. The bumble bees really seem to enjoy the nectar of this flower.

Tip - look out for wild flowers in your area and see if they would like a home in your flower bed.


Michelle said...

Your 'weeds' are beautiful. My husband tells me that in Iowa, it is illegal to stop and pick 'weeds' from the ditches, but I can't say for sure if that is gospel. Probably only illegal if you get caught in the act, huh?

At any rate, you have a beautiful view in your yard.
be blessed,

Hazel said...

Shhhh if you had not told us we would have never known they were weeds .There very pretty .

Darlene said...

WOW what a beautiful weed! I think it is neat that the vines will go across that wire. I think vining plants are neat! Hope you have a great weekend Amelia!

Amanda said...

What a pretty plant. And what is a weed anyway - just a plant growing where you don't want it to. We have quite a few plants in our garden that could be called weeds, but they're far too pretty to get rid of, so we just try to kep them under control. I've no idea what Hyacinth Bean is, so look forward to seeing some pictures once they're growing.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful. Berganot is an ingredient in Earl Grey Tea. Does it smell like Earl Grey? Love that smell. It fits in your yard beautifully.

Jen said...

Oh wow, it grows like a weed! ha.
It very pretty, I'd think butterflies would be attracted to it too.?

Christina said...

Hi Amelia,

So pretty! Your title "Growing weed"---very funny.

I have also know your plant to be called "bee balm", which would also explain why the bees love it so much. Sorry, I don't know how to put a proper link in the message.

I have something called butterfly weed that we dug from the ditch in front of a friend property years ago. I need to put that up on the blog. It actually took it years to take hold and look pretty.

So growing weeds is great fun. Love seeing your plants.

julieQ said...

Love your weed! By the way, the FBI is on the way...giggle! It really is pretty, I get after DH sometimes for cutting weeds that have pretty blossoms. He puts up with me anyway!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW I love your weed. Who knew weeds could be so pretty?