Friday, June 19, 2009

A Bargain!

While out and about this morning we stopped by a garage sale to check out their wares. As I was headed to pay for the items I had selected I saw a plastic box sitting on the floor. All I could see were 4 plates and could tell there were more dishes wrapped up in different kinds of kitchen linens. Not seeing any price I asked the lady the prices - she said she had thought about $10.00 but was willing to take less. I offered $5.00 and she said "sold". I did throw in an extra 50 cents for the plastic tote and the linens.

There was no way I could manage getting it to the pickup...but my sweet strong honey came to my rescue and loaded it.

Early afternoon I started unpacking to see what I had bought...I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the results.

Information on the back says pattern is called Vineyard and was produced by the name of Vernon Ware by Metlox. Research on the net says this company was out of California. One source that seems to be reliable (but who knows) says production was in 1960 - not any earlier than that. The company was in business until the 80's - so don't know if they continued to produce this design or not. I doubt it - most companies come out with new designs frequently. 100_1492 As you can tell there quite a few pieces...certainly more than what I had figured. Here is a list of what all I got: salt and pepper shakers. 1 lid to a serving bowl. 2 serving bowls (different sizes). l sugar bowl with lid. l serving platter. 2 small bowls. 9 coffee cups. 17 saucers. 14 plates. 12 salad/dessert plates. 100_1493 This shows the pattern better.

According to some websites the selling price for some of these pieces is way more than what I paid. For instance, the platter was listed for $45.00 - plates range from $15.00 to $25.00. 100_1490 This picture shows the linens and the tote as mentioned above. No, cat was not part of the purchase...he just lives here. The linens all this was wrapped in definitely is from the 60's and 70's period. The colors reflect this time as well as the patterns on the printed pieces. Several of the tea towels are hand embroidered. Also were a couple or so dresser scarves with hand embroidery. The largest item used for cushioning these breakables was a large velvet like piece - size about 3 foot by 6 foot - with fringe - with a picture of a peacock in a roman coliseum like me this was certainly of that time period.

Have not decided what to do with the linens yet - no they will not be thrown away.

Some of the dishes have stained places - just indicating they were used. In all the pieces I believe only found about 4 chipped places. We will use these plates - they will not be just be for display. When I bought them this AM I wanted them for daily use - even finding out they could be sold for considerable more than what I paid has not changed.

Do any of you out there in blog world get tired of using the same plates each and every day? I know I do - putting in dish washer, taking out of dish washer, and then using it for eating...time for a change.

Thankful for the fact I do have dishes and food to go on them...the Lord certainly does provide.



Michelle said...

What a deal!...and what a wonderful fun day you had. Congratulations on your treasures!
be blessed,

Hazel said...

You hit the jack pot today , great fines .And the linens to boot .Lucky You .Enjoy

Amanda said...

What a splendid find - do you have room to store so much extra china? When we moved here we made a decision to use our 'best' china for everyday as it seemed a shame to use it so rarely if we kept it for best.

Marilyn said...

SCORE!! My word, you did good! Love that pattern on the dishes and they are worth so much! Now as for the linens, your cat seems to have found a use for them. Aren't cats funny? They want to know what exactly comes into their house. Enjoy.

Darlene said...

Oh.MY.GOSH!!!! LOOK at all those dishes and linens you scored for $5.00?!!!? The $10.00 price would have been a bargain!!!!!! I do get tired of the same plates and have been on the hunt at yard sales for some new ones....just haven't found ones I like yet. I know if I persist I will though! Great find!

Jen said...

You scored big as usual. I'm sure we will see a project from those lines soon.
I got a modge podge of all colored plates a few years ago of Fiesta at a discount place- the variety of colors has done me well.

Victoria said...

Love the dishes and what a great deal they were! I love dishes and would have dozens of sets if I had the room. :)

I also love the old linens. It's such fun to look at them and imagine them being used and lovingly worn.

I did FINALLY get your package sent out on Friday night. Last week was an interesting one (Sweet Girl had VBS and her 4th bday!).

I hope the plants survive the trip. :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

You definitely got a bargain!!! Love the old dishes. They have so much character. Jackie

Picket said...

What a fantastic deal girl! I am like you ...I love eating out of different dishes but I do have my favorites! lol Enjoy your new treasures girl and have a great week!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness. What a wonderful deal. I love dishes too and that would have been a great surprise for me too when I unwrapped all of those pieces. The pattern is beautiful.