Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Flowers

Fall, according to the calendar arrived a week ago..but my flowers are pretty well holding their own as far as continuing to bloom. Taking into consideration I planted most of them in the first part of May that means May thru Sept for a total of 5 months. Part of them are of the bedding type variety that sells for 6 for less than $2.00 - which all in all I have definitely got my moneys worth of enjoyment in looking at them. I check out all my flowers usually once or twice a day...some times pull weeds as I go along...some times water them...some times give them some fertilizer - but most of the time just visit with them....yes, I am abit on the crazy side I suppose. Good old faithful periwinkles - just can't hardly beat these for flowers that have to take the sun all day long.
These impatiens are truly the number one shade flower....I have them in several pots in the front yard.
Another pot of impatiens - with a celosia plant in the back that came up from last years seeds.
The hydrangeas are starting to turn brown now. I hung several to dry several days ago that I will use in arrangements later on.
This maiden grass plant is about 4 years old...will be so pretty when these copper colored stems turn into the white plumes.
These are "ageratum" and have come up volunteer again this year. Originally I planted them as bedding plants two years ago...last year they came up, flowered, seeded and now this year I have another round of them...sure got my money's worth from them.
More impatiens in one of the wagons Leon made back several months ago.
Still more impatiens...I told you I like them. Normally water is running from this pump but Leon had turned it off to clean the filter. Being under a tree and the leaves are starting to fall the water gets contaminated pretty quick.
The geraniums are starting to look some what weathered...but they have bloomed so profusely this summer...and to think I got them off the 50% table at the local garden center..gave them a extra shot of love and they really performed all this time.

These look purple - but are called blue on the tag and seem more blue in real life. The name of them is "Browallia"...first time I have ever grown them. I see the morning glory that is behind them has sent a runner down thru them.
This is a poinsettia plant. In January of 2007 my granddaughter brought it to me as they were going to throw it away at her office...she told them her Grandmother had a green thumb and she would take it. She brought it out and the red part stayed pretty for quite some time...then put it in the garage...lots of the leaves fell off - but come spring I stuck it on the north side of the house where it is grew and grew - I enjoyed just looking at the green leaves. Then winter time came and it went in the well house along with all the other plants that I "winter" over. This spring I put outside again - for awhile on the north side (but the ornamental sweet potatoes started taking over) so I moved it to the east side. Well this plant just seems to like this area just as well. So when the time comes I will put it back in the well house and wait for next year.
These are elephant ears and ornamental sweet potato plants. The "tater" plants were from the actual potato I saved at the end of last years flower garden. This spring I just stuck them half way in the ground and waited and waited...then finally they got the hint they were supposed to grow pretty vines with lots of leaves...and did they ever. This picture just shows about 1/3 of the bed.
These begonias are looking kind of bad...the dead flowers just seem to hang around too long.
This is actually the second bloom for these chrysanthemums. I got a blooming period in the spring....cut the spent heads off...and now we have another round of pretty yellow beauties.

Oh, there are more flowers out there that has not been part of the tour...just save more for the next time.
P.S. Does it show that I like flowers?


Michelle said...

Thank you for showing us your beautiful flowers. I can tell you love them.

TxChristmasGirl said...

Hydrangeas are my favorite even if they don't really like the hot dry summers here. Yours are still relatively nice, mine are done. I am ready to work on the fall landscape too but when it is 90 degrees outside, it is hard to get excited about fall both for me and the plants.

Kristie said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I only have one flower bed right now and it is not looking too hot. I can't wait until we get the house done and everything else moved and cleared out so that I can have flowers everywhere. I think they are so relaxing to look at.

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi...Your yard and plantings look very pretty...I do love the 'tater' vines...I bought mine this year, but I think I'll try what you did next year.. ;-) Bo

julieQ said...

Oh, how gorgeous! How very pretty. I have some crazy marigolds that are just taking off right that the hottest of the weather is behind us for the year. Thank you for the walk through your garden!

Hazel said...

What a beautiful garden ,thank you so much for sharing .I don't have a green thumb so it's a real treat to look at your flowers .

Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, Amelia. Talk about a green thumb. What a beautiful garden you have.

Thank you so much for the tour of your flowers. As you know, I too visit my flowers every day. The colors give me such joy. They're like a living quilt. (Or our quilts are like flowers, yes?)

Thank you again.

Amanda said...

Our garden is much the same this year, still loads of flowers. We have really kept on top of the dead heading and I think that has helped enormously. We have a small rose and a chrysanthemum that are just about to burst into bloom again too - if we don't get an early frost!

Belvie said...

Thanks for sharing your garden. Your flowers still look so nice. Many of mine must be tired....because they look awful.

Bella Casa said...

Wow, what lovely gardens you have!

I had to laugh about the aberganium (?) I bought some this year and prompty killed it...and here it comes back for you year after year :)

Did you stick a sweet potato, an actual sweet potato in the ground and it grew the vine for you?

Thanks for sharing with us, I love all of it:)


KyQuiltlady said...

I've enjoyed your tour of the flower garden. They are beautiful! I see what takes a lot of your time taking such good care of them. What do you do for the Poinsetta to get it to bloom? My MIL has a very small one.

Ashley said...
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