Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Suggestion

Suggestion: If you are going to use your husband's toy - be sure to turn it off when you are through.

Last Friday I used Leon's GPS to help me navigate all the strange addresses for my garage sale adventures. It worked out fantastic with "Moses" (that is the name we have given it) told me when and where to turn.

So last night Leon and his buddy get ready to leave the church destined for a visit with a family that had recently visited our church. Leon tried to get the GPS to come on - and then realized it was dead and in bad need of a re-charge. Where was the charger...at home in the garage. So a quick trip home before the visiting could commence.

So ladies, learn by my error!


Kristie said...

Giggle! That sounds like something that I would do!!! I'm always using hubbys things out in the building and he knows if anything has been used or even moved!

bj said...

UH..OH...how many times I have forgotten to turn something off!!
Don't worry, girl...it happens to the best! lol
love, bj

Tropical Screamer said...

I love to get GPS on rental cars when I travel.

At least you didn't -break- his toy. Has he ever used your "good" scissors to cut wire or something? LOL

Thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

Oh oh. Thanks for sharing that tip. We don't have GPS yet, but would like to, someday.

I hope you were forgiven quickly.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

LOLOL! Oh know, this sounds like something I would do! It happens to us all! Your flowers are doing well! My annuals are looking pretty rough by now! :) ~Rhonda

Victoria said...

LOL that is a good lesson to learn!

By the way, my Mom & lil' sis are headed to OK City next week for a Beef Ambassador thingy. What kind of clothing would you advise them to bring?

Norma said...

Does it beep when the battery is going dead like my phone does? I am always forgetting to turn it off until it beeps at me. I will remember your story!

Flowers are lovely! I love the fact that you got several of them off the marked down table and gave them a new chance to do thrive and give you the gift of their blooms.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Amelia, Thanks for the encouraging words left on my post today! They meant so much! I just love you blogger girls, ya'll are the greatest and always lift my spirits! :)

Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda

Beth said...

My husband wouldn't ever let me live it down! He claims that my mutant power is breaking anything of his.