Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall - 2008

This handsome fella is in front of our house - checking out all the speeders as they zoom down our country road. The tall clump of maidenhair grass behind him is starting to spread the
lovely plumes that look so beautiful swaying in the know how the wind can blow here in Oklahoma.

Oh the feel of fall is not completely here - but getting close. The temps at night are cooler - which makes for great sleeping - can't have the windows open because of Leon's allergies - however the house does cool down. Daytime temperatures are still warm - but no more of those high 90's degrees to contend with during the afternoon.

The apples are starting to fall - not that we are going to have many - but still get enough for several pies. Our garden is still producing okra and tomatoes quite bountiful. Leon and I say we have this arrangement with the Lord - we get 10% of the garden items and give away this year people from church have really been on the receiving end of fresh produce.

Leon and number one son are in the western part of the state putting up deer stands...they also have some plans for riding the 4 wheelers for fun. With this 3 day trip they will be getting in some excellent father - son time. I could not ask for a better relationship than the one I have with # l son...yes I am his Dad's wife...but he treats me like a Mother and bestest part is that he calls me "Mom" lots of times...makes this old lady's heart just swell.

While speaking of children - looks like daughter is going to have a girl...95% sure baby is girl - but they will test again in three weeks...if it is a girl she will be named Amelia - don't know if this family is ready for two "Amelia's" or not. Baby is due in mid if delivery can be held off until the 20th of Feb she would be born on my birthday. However, if she is born on 14th (Valentine's Day) that is my sister's birthday.

Seems like we are busy all the time - but yet some days can not see much that we have accomplished - but you know since we are retired do we have to show that we have produced something each and every I don't think so.

Bought a new printer the other day at Staples. They only had a floor sample of the one I wanted so they had one shipped to me. It came the very next day - so time wise was no problem. However, when I opened the box and found all 6 of the ink cartridges were already installed I thought we might have a problem...sure enough - soon as it was turned on got flashing lights. After speaking to several people it was determined for sure it was defective and I would get another one and the defective one would be picked up. I wasn't home this morning when the delivery guy arrived - but he left my new one and a note wanting me to call about picking up the bad that is planned for tomorrow. Got the new 0ne installed and at this point I am happy with the results of the print colors in pictures. My old printer never did give me good quality pictures and then the "copy" function went after listening to me grumble (I do occasionally do that) Leon said now is the time to get a new one.

I have been having some medical tests - nothing major - but now finished with all of them. Only thing is now I take high blood pressure meds on a daily basis. My blood platelets are semi low but not bad - anyway I am to see the doctors in 6 months and see how I am doing. Now if I could just find the will to lose these extra 15-20 pounds I have gained in the last two years - my body would probably be a lot better.

In the quilting part of my life I am making a T-shirt quilt for son-in-law Tony. I am making this one where each block is quilted before joining it to the next block. I saw it done on TV once and found some instructions on the web - so we will see how it turns out. On his last t-shirt quilt I hand quilted that - but never just can't make pretty stitches thru the picture part...some of my stitches seemed large enough to drive a truck thru machine quilting is the way I am going this time.

Well, that about wraps up what is going on in my life at this point in time.

May God bless you in many ways.

Amelia (I got heavy on the delete key and erased the fancy writing of my name.)


Kristie said...

Fall is certainly here in KY! The leaves are already starting to fall. I hope Leon and son have a wonderful time, hunting and riding. Richard takes Andrew and Hunter hunting alot, I think it is very good for them. We love eating deer meat! Have you ever canned any deer meat? If Richard gets a deer this year, I plan on canning some of it but grinding most of it up for burger.

How wonderful for the baby to be named after you. If Hunter had been a girl, which after 4 ultrasounds they told me he was a girl everytime, I was going to name him after my mother. But the Lord blessed me with two wonderful boys and I love them with all of my heart!

Shanda said...

Amelia, congrats on the little baby being named after you. That will be so special. Can't wait to meet her,

Norma said...

I had my fingers crossed for a girl! How wonderful that she will carry your name. After next week you can get busy sewing for her. Congratulations, Granny!

Glad to hear your medical tests turned out well. I take blood pressure meds too, along with other things so it just becomes part of the day. If it keeps you feeling good and doing what you want to do, go for it.

Picket said...

Ohhhhh I love this and you know rusty old farm equipment brings tears to my eyes!!!! lol lol I just love old plows & tractors & wagon girls love diamonds & pearls and here I am drooling over a rusty tractor! lol I love Fall decorating like that is just the best kind! Have a great weekend1

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful blog you have. And I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have a granny like you.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm off to wander through your archives.


bj said...

I really enjoyed your post...and that fella watching all the traffic go by is fabulous!
Happy day,

jacquie said...

sound like you're having a nice start to fall. a baby girl will be so much fun!

Hazel said...

I love reading your blog makes me wish I was there ,your decorations are fantastic .
I hope the baby is a girl ,Amelia is such a pretty name ,what a nice thing for the parents to do .I have a son-in-law and a grandson who share my birth date ,not sure its such a good thing ,I some times feel like the youngest isn't getting all the attention he should on his birthday .

Granny Lyn said...

oh, you lucky granny!! to have the baby named after you is such a compliment! You are a loved and cherished person, indeed!!

I love your scarecrow!

julieQ said...

I love your fall time scarecrow. Sounds like your garden bounty is continuing, and that is great! I am so glad for your namesake.