Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scenes from the Swing 9-10-07

In sitting in the swing I am facing close to an East-West direction. Either way gives me a wonderful scene.

Facing West - I can see the road and the back of the house. The road normally always has speeding traffic zipping up and down it. This flower bed was revised this year and it looks much better now. Some times even flower beds have to go through a series of changes to achieve just the right look. These clouds look like we could receive some rain. It has rained the last several days - but no complaints from us. We will take the rain when ever we can.
Facing East - the pond is in our view. The water is muddy red looking today. This was caused by the rain. Fishing has been off the last few times we have gone.

We had thought about moving this slate rock bench - as it is rather close to the swing. However, we decided that we might want a place to sit while the grandchildren were in the swing.

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