Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emergency Vehicles (to call or not to call)

Yesterday could have been the day for them.

It started right after lunch

During lunch Leon kept bragging about the new lawn mower with it' s ease of operation and the great job it was doing on the grass.

As soon as he finished eating he headed back outside to finish off the mowing before his afternoon nap. He needed about 30 minutes and the mowing would be complete.

Wasn't but just a few minutes and he was back in the house.

His comments were something along this line: "The mower was hard to start when I went back out - but finally it started with several sputters and smoke coming from the exhaust. I made a couple of long passes in the yard. Then it "DIED"...would not start. "

At this point I did not know whether to call a tow truck to pull the mower to the house... or call an ambulance as my normally cool headed husband was not happy at all.

Did not do either one - hooked a chain to the golf cart and pulled the mower back to the car port.

Put a call into the dealer where the mower was purchased...spoke to a couple of people...said someone would call us back. They were true to their word - someone did call us back - and told us to bring it back in and they would check it out.

Taking it back to the dealership sounds simple - right? Ordinarily, it would have been. However, our truck is in the shop for the next two weeks for dent repair and new paint job (that is another story).

Leon said he was not going to mess with borrowing a truck and a trailer at this point. He was going to take his nap...get up from it...then we were going to the ball game. That is exactly what happened.

That was all yesterday!


Howard (a friend) came over with his pick-up...and hooked it up to a trailer in Jay's (neighbor) back yard. Leon had spoke to Jay earlier in the morning about using it.

Just for funnies - Leon tried to start the mower before loading it...sure enough, it started.

Anyway, they took it on to the shop. Leon said he was nice to them - but let them know he was not happy with only 5 hours of use on the Cub Cadet lawn tractor and this had happened.

The service department at the dealer is working on it and will let us know their findings. be continued, happily we hope!

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bakinbabe said...

How incredibly frustrating! I hope they fix it quickly.

I have to said something about a ball game last of the grandkids' games?