Monday, September 10, 2007

"Observation Post"

Several weeks ago, I mentioned to Leon I would like to have a swing out in the back yard. One for me to sway away on and watch the world as it whirls about me. Plus it would be fun for the grandchildren when they come to visit.

My sweet husband took his birthday gift cards (Lowe's) and put some money with them to purchase the chain and other hardware he needed. Of course, he had the wood in his stash.

He said in order to be safe and nothing to do with my size/weight he got 800 lb test chain and 650 lb test hardware. "Do you suppose he is telling me the truth?"

My request was to make the seat large enough so I did not feel all pinched in by the chain on either side. He did just that - and with room to spare.

Here are some pictures of the "Master Carpenter" in the building of this yard toy.


bakinbabe said...

OH, you do have a SWEET hubby!!! And I saw that ladder yesterday and was going to ask you about it!!!
That is a very nice swing.

eonyc said...

What a sweet gift!! You have a keeper! : )