Monday, May 28, 2007


A few weeks ago Leon decided he wanted to expand the edging around the ornamental crab apple tree. It was next to impossible to grow grass there anyway - plus there were some gravel/rock on one side that did not help matters. We had all the edging we needed (from previous purchases and former flower beds) so we were not out any expense for that. We put down several sacks of top soil and potting mix before planting the monkey grass. We took some from around the main trunk of the tree (where it is thick and well established).

Also planted a ground cover called pennywort. This I dug up before Leon had a chance to weed eat it. It grows real well in a flower bed on the north side of the house. It sends out runners and these runners were coming out from under the brick edging. I then put down three bags of pine tree mulch - but that was not near enough. We have since purchased 8 bags to put down...but between the weather and our busy schedule we have not had time.

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