Monday, May 28, 2007


This past Saturday Leon and I went to Edmond to assist Tony and Holly (plus Max) in the building of a pergola over their patio. Tony had really done his homework...he knew what he needed and how it was to be assembled. He just needed some extra hands and may be a bit of Leon's experience here and there. Leon has a large variety of tools that was required so those were taken up there. I suppose I was there to take care of Max (which was the best job of all) and to visit with Holly. Holly and I did do some of the was not all play for us "girls".

Max checking out the ladder to make sure it was safe for his Daddy and Grandpa.

Holly and Tony making some final adjustments.
Leon and Tony preparing to cut another one of the boards.
The three main workers deep in discussion as to the next procedure.

Won't this be gorgeous when the Boston Ivy covers it in the year(s) to come?

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