Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011



These pictures shows some of the decorating around here…some of the arrangements have been “tweaked” since the picture was shot.


Merry Christmas – May God Bless  you in many ways.





Hazel said...

Oh such great decorations ,I love the mantel and the wreath on the mirror .Everything is just so pretty you really have a good eye for this kind of thing .Thank You for posting them ,bless you .

Amanda said...

Your house must be looking so festive now, I especially like your blue and sliver colour palette. Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2011.

Christina said...

Hi Amelia! Hope you and your husband are having a wonderful Christmas season. Looks like you have a lot of Christmas cheer going on. It is such fun to put up everything and then tweak. Love the touches of blue and silver, and of course I love the red.
I never get any outdoor decorating done except a wreath. Merry Christmas, Amelia!