Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paper Piecing

Reading this title  you will probably think I am referring to a quilting term.


The words “paper piecing” can be applied to quilting – but today I am using it in another aspect.

In addition to quilting I enjoy scrapbooking – and have now ventured off in to the making of greeting cards. As with any hobby, the expense can go on and on as you want new items. The amount of money I have spent on cartridges for the Cricut machine is a fair chunk of change…even with getting them on sale. Often, it turns out there are only a couple or so of the images that I will want to use. On that note, perhaps my mind can not come up with an idea that uses them.


I said all that to say this…I have come across paper piecing…patterns are available from several sources on the web. A few I have made copies and filed away for future reference. Some I have used  - and others I have made up on my own…or modified the ones I found.


If you don’t know what paper piecing is – well, it is specially cut pieces of paper and stacked in a particular order to achieve the desired item. Some things I cut out with scissors and others I use my paper punches. Let me show you what I mean…scan0100Using the largest circle punch I cut the green for the rind…next size punch cut the white, and then using a smaller punch cut the red. Then cut these circles almost in half…stacked them in order to  get this watermelon. For the black seeds I have a cat’s paw punch…using the toes to get the oval shapes which then became the seeds.  This picture makes it look large – but actually it is about 3 inches across and 2 inches from top to bottom. This is one of the items I plan on using for the 4th of July scrapbooking pages.


We had a cook out celebrating Independence Day…hot dogs and hamburgers wore top billing. I found a very plain hamburger pattern…so just enhanced it some. The hot dog was my own pattern…granted it was a simple one.scan0101scan0099 On the hamburger used the largest circle punch I have…cut 1/4 of it off for the bottom of the bun…then cut a straight line across…like the bottom side of a bun. For the top of bun, took the 3/4ths circle – rounded it a bit. The veggies and meat were just strips of paper cut with my fancy cutting scissors. Pickles and onions were created using the circle punches. Sesame seeds were made by using the cat’s paw again.

scan0096With all the hot weather ice cream came to mind…so created this one….scan0097  and this one. I will be using these on birthday cards.


scan0103 This owl was probably the most fun to create…some paper cutting with scissors…but also used the punches in various ways. Mr. Owl will be one I plan on using for both get well and birthday cards.


I used various folders on the Cuttlebug machine to give the embossed surface..this adds still another dimension to the item.


I enjoy making the cards…and am getting better. If the recipient wants to keep the card…fine…if not throw it away. I had the fun of creating it.



This is sort of like “playing paper dolls” we enjoyed during our kid years….well this kid is older but I still enjoy playing with paper and scissors.


Ya’ll take care . . . nap time here for me.




Hazel said...

There all so cute ,I got into card making a few years ago I think my favorite tool was the heat embossing gun I loved watching the letters rise and the gold was beautiful.I can see the hotdog and hamburg made into invitations to a picnic there so cute I would come for sure you made the food look so yummy .

Amanda said...

These are such fun. I like to make greetings cards too, and like Hazel, love heat embossing. But I love the paper piecing you've done, yet another temptation for me to buy another tool!

Suzan said...

These are darling!

Michelle said...

How wonderfully creative. You do have a very creative flare. I'm jealous. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are getting some rain,and some relief from the heat.

Victoria said...

What a darling little owl!

I want to have an ice cream social so I really like the ice cream cones too!

Glad to hear you received rain. It has been unbearably hot and HUMID here in GA. Over the weekend we had rain and cooler temps and it was really nice.

bj said...

These are all so cute, Amelia. I am not crafty and really wish that I was. These are adorable.
xo bj

Val said...

Oh I love all this. I remember when I first started scrapbooking we just cut out things out of magazines. Scrapbooking has come a long way. I am thinking of bringing my stuff down here the our little hilton and work on it. I tried to make a couple of cards but mine aren't fancy. I haven't visited this blog of yours in a while. I LOVE seeing what all you are doing.