Friday, June 10, 2011

Flowers of Spring 2011

For those of you who read my blog think I have probably disappeared

off the face of the earth.

Just busy with life all the time…plus I am older and it takes longer to get things done.


I am still putter around with my

flowers…real dry here…so am constantly watering them.


Be prepared as there are lots of pictures. If you were here I

would offer you something to drink and cookies.

100_6267 100_6271 



There still more areas I did not show.

However, you can get  an idea as to how the

Watkins flowers look this year.


Michelle said...

I think we have been hogging all your rain. Hope you get some relief soon. Your flowers are beautiful.

Hazel said...

I'll have tea please LOL .I so enjoyed my visit to your garden such lovely color , each year I look forward to a little peak of your world You never disappoint me ,it always looks wonderful .

julieQ said...

Simply beautiful, Amelia! I would love to stop by for cookies and a cool drink!!

Val said...

Oh my goodness! Your flowers are gorgeous! I loved seeing them. I know what you mean about being so busy. And I totally understand about being older. I think I get slower every day. I wake up and have so many things on my to do list and if I get 3 things done I am happy! lol

Amanda said...

Your flowers are looking lovely Amelia. Up until this week I've been having to water every day too, but this week we've had downpour after downpour, which is very welcome.

Suzan said...

Beautiful lilies!

Stacey said...

Wow your flowers look great! We've gotten some good rain over the last few days. Have you?

Keep us posted. :)

bj said...

Oh, my goodness, you do have a lot of plants to water. They all look just beautiful, too.

We, too, are in a deep, severe drought. It is very serious here as the city of Lubbock and surrounding areas are running out of water. They are working day and night on pipelines, bringing water from lakes...but...HELLO...the lakes are drying up because of no rain.
We just keep praying for the rains to fall...and I know they will. God is good. It's just that I want it right now and it must not be the right time or HE would send it RIGHT NOW. We wait...and pray.
Now, go water those beautiful plants and flowers. :))
hugs, bj

Saska said...

your flowers are georgous for as hot and windy as it's been.
I'll take hot-tea with those cookies!

Christina said...

Such delightful flowers. The pink lilies are beautiful. A cold drink would be just the thing. The heat here has just been sweltering. Glad to have caught up w/you.

Carol said...

Your flowers are beautiful! How are they holding up in this Oklahoma heat?

Have a wonderful Sunday!