Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Staying cool

has been the foremost thought

in my mind for several weeks now.


With the thermometer being

over 100 for many, many days

in a row…my desire to do

much of anything has gone away.


We are watering our garden,

and flowers. We planted seed

for a new lawn in the very front

this spring – so watering it also.

Otherwise, everything would be

dead and brown.


Even with it being cool in

the house, I am not really in

the mood to do much of anything.

Oh, yes, I still cook, do laundry, clean house…those

type of mundane jobs. Did a bit of decorating

for the 4th of July…but it came down before I got any

pictures to post.


One thing we have done is host three parties.

Outdoor ones, evening time…with a breeze blowing the

deck is tolerable with good food and excellent conversation.

The first two were church related. First one, was the men’s group

invited  their wife and children for a cookout. Normally, the men meet

for a breakfast at the church. Second one,

was a Sunday School Class get together.

Third one was  family and friends

celebrating the 4th.  Average attendance

was about 30 to 35.


This past week Grandson Max stayed with us.

Being seven years old means talk and motion

constantly…just wears us out. Also, with

the heat he could not go outside much – which

disappointed him as that cut down on the fishing and bike riding.


With the heat being so hot, we have not had any rain

to speak of in months…ponds are drying up. The ranchers

are having to feed their cattle now in the summer months.

The grass for the hay is not growing much because of the

heat and drought…so bales of hay will be expensive

this fall.


I know – yes, say it – I have moaned and groaned through

out this posting…but wanted you to know what was happening

here to us (me).


Love ya,




Stacey said...

I am right there with ya....burning up. Trying to maintain some sense of humor. We had sod planted right about the time 100 hit a few weeks ago. We are watering daily. Keeping fingers crossed!

Michelle said...

Not moaning and groaning...just stating facts. Good to hear from you!

Hazel said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful gatherings .The heat has been around 90 here for a few weeks no rain in sight ,just think of last winter ,that always cools me down :-)

Amanda said...

It's good to hear from you Amelia, even though it's to explain why we're not hearing from you! I hate the heat, anything over about 25 C (77F) is so uncomfortable, so I can't imagine what you must be going through. Do you have air conditioning in your house? It's good to hear that you've managed to have some company though, to keep your spirits up. Although we're well into July we haven't had any evenings warm enough to sit out beyond about 7 o'clock. Keep your chin up and we'll hope to hear more from you later in the year.

Christina said...

What a busy time you are having. The heat certainly doesn't help in the energy department. We are hot here too. The get-togethers sound like fun. My parents get worn out by the grandchildren too. My brother and sis-in-law have two boys; one is not quite 3 and the other is around 16 mo. They are the cutest things, but they keep you on your toes.

Sending you a virtual breeze and cold drink. : )