Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wild Life at the Watkins

No, just in case you immediately thought we were leading an immoral life.

The wild life around our place is referring to our birds, squirrel, and deer. Today's pictures don't show the turkeys or the deer. Most of the turkeys have left now...we will see an occasional one from time to time. It is turkey hunting season the hens are busy laying eggs and preparing to raise their young. The males are probably in hiding. As for the deer, they do not come close to the house...just able to spot them way over in the field on the other side of the pond. I have seen them a couple of times this week.

The latest addition to our wild life family are four baby Canada geese. They are about 10 days old now. Parents are Cleopatra and Mark Anthony ~ but we just call them Cleo and Mark ~ are doing fine in teaching these babies the ways to survive in this world.

These pictures will show some of the sights we see from our picture window looking to the east.100_3447








Renee said...

I absolutely love your yard/land - I want to have as beautiful of a yard as you do someday!!!

Marilyn said...

What fun! Oh, My, Goodness. I would stay at that window all day long. Those geese are beautiful. The finches are amazing. Your yard is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your fun.

Hazel said...

What great photo's your so lucky to have a wonderful view of Gods great creations .Look at the brilliant yellow on those finches .My favorite is the second picture ,wouldn't it be great if all humans could get along so well together .

Michelle said...

What a show you see. What a gift. I bet you do so enjoy seeing the wild life. Have a great week!

Amanda said...

It must be so tempting to just sit there all day with your camera to hand. We spend ages looking out of our bedroom window looking at the birds on our feeders, and the ponies in the field. If we get up early enough we can sometimes see deer crossing the field, but never during the day.

Jen said...

Look at those squirrels! They are just make themselves at home everywhere don't they?

Darlene said...

Morning Amelia,

I would want to watch out that window ALL day long! Aren't the baby geese cute!?! Hope you have a GREAT Monday.♥

Christina said...

As always I am just amazed at the wildlife in your yard. Love the little yellow birds at the bird feeder. While we do get birds at our feeders, we have never had birds even remotely like that. Ours are just plain ole birds.

What a sweet little family of geese. It makes me think of a story that I read my kiddos when they were little called Make Way for Ducklings.