Saturday, May 08, 2010

Remembering Mothers

Tomorrow is Mothers Day.

My wonderful Mother has been gone for 40 years or so now...yet I still miss her. My Dad remarried and I had a very precious step mother - she also is no longer with us. Both of these Mothers had an influence on my life - in a positive way.

Life has a way of keeping us all very busy with things that seem so important...but in the whole scheme of life, are they that important? Take the time to tell your loved ones - Mothers for sure - how much you love them and appreciate all they do for you. If your Mother is no longer here - tell your children about the love you have for them...they made you a Mother!

Happy Mothers Day


Marilyn said...

What a sweet post and very true. Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day Amelia!

Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day Amelia.
My mom passed in 2000-thanks for the reminder-I need to share more of her with my son since he only saw few of times.
Blessings to you!

Amanda said...

Mothering Sunday was back in March for us, but it was a good time to think about my mother who passed away in 2000, and my wonderful mother-in-law who passed away in 2008. Seeing so many posts about Mothers Day in both Australia and America has given me more opportunities on all they both did for me.

Darlene said...

Happy Mother's Day Amelia!♥

Carol said...

Oh, Amelia....I dread the day my Mom does pass. She's struggling right now with Alzheimer's, and she just isn't the same 'mom' anymore. It's heartbreaking...but until God takes her to heaven....she is still my Mom~
I'm so glad I 'found' your blog~


julieQ said...

I loved this post, dear Amelia. My mom died when I was 12, and I have always looked for her, if you know what I mean, just missing her each day. I hope you had a wonderful day!