Saturday, March 06, 2010


Grandchildren that visit with the grandparents bring so much joy - both to the grandparents and to the children.

Last week these two came visiting - Max and Millie.100_3037 Max had been out with Grandpa feeding the birds.

100_3041 Millie sharing her "stuff" with Grandpa.

With such a busy lifestyle we don't get to see these grandchildren very often - so each time is a true treasure.

A wonderful blessing is these children are reared in a Christian home - church, prayer, and bible stories are a part of their life.

Granny Amelia


Marilyn said...

Nothing in my life is as satisfying as being a Nana. I get just what you are saying with your post. One more day of sun. Sounds good to me. We are definitely warmer. I'm loving it. Today I am adding more food so I should get my strength back soon. Enjoy your weekend. M

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your visit. I loved it!

Hazel said...

Their certainly growing ,enjoy them while you can ,one day you will turn around and they will be adults .

julieQ said...

That role is something I realy look forward too. I am so glad you had a wonderful visit...enjoy!

Christina said...

Such a sweet time with the grandchildren. These moments are precious. I remember fondly spending times as a youngster with my grandparents.