Friday, January 29, 2010

An Original

Knowing our love for birds a close friend of ours painted us a picture.

None of the colors in the painting are in any of the rooms. Our entry hall way is not a designated color scheme -does have white walls...the hall tree is light colored wood - which does not match anything else in the house - but the price was right and the design worked. At this point I have put the picture in the hall. It is just hanging there - need to come up with some idea as to what to put with it....a small shelf and something on it...can't be too deep of shelf as this hall is rather narrow.100_2786 Right now the hall tree has valentine type colors and decorations on it (will show that later).

The picture frame is 19 x 33 - so it takes up quite a bit of space...thus I am looking for some ideas as to what to put with it as far as decorating is concerned. I really think it is too large for this area - but don't have any other place it can go. Plus, really feel we need to hang it - don't want any hurt feelings.

I am open for ideas or suggestions.

Ya'll take care.



Michelle said...

Could you change the color of the frame? Would that help? What a kind and thoughtful thing for your friend to do!
Have a wonderful weekend,and God bless!

Marilyn said...

It is a beautiful painting but I can see your dilemma--size and colors. I wonder if you could make a longish narrow shelf--like a picture rail. Then lean the painting on it. You could put some of your lovely things on the shelf with the painting. Hum, I want to know what you come up with. Also want to see the val. decorations you mentioned. You do such pretty decorating. I hope you aren't iced in tooooooo badly. We are still above freezing! Yea! But we have snow predicted for today. Take care and stay warm.

Judi said...

Hi Amelia
It is a gorgeous picture..hmmmm it would be a shame not to have it someplace. It would totally go with the colour scheme at my place. Maybe it would work on a shelf as you thought.

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have a lovely day

Darlene said...

Hi Amelia,

That is a beautiful picture of the cardinals. I think Marilyn's idea is great for the picture. Hope you are staying warm and will keep your power. It started snowing here at about 10:00 a.m. and is quickly covering everything. We dodged that ice bullet!!!♥

Parsley said...

I saw you were also an 'Okie'. I hope all is well with you as we suffer this winter storm.

We had power out for several hours last night and this morning but are blessed to be okay.

Amanda said...

What a lovely painting - does it need to match with anything else, could it not just be a 'one off' somewhere where you will enjoy looking at it? Keep warm.