Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Count Down

Time to start to enjoy Christmas.

1. Cards are addressed - need to buy stamps - I can put a check in the mail box with order form and it will have them in the next day or so...don't have to stand in line at post office...a blessing right there.

2. Menu is pretty well planned - ham is taking the staring role. Purchased it when it was on sale before Thanksgiving - money saved... can be spent on more fun things.

All decorating is completed with the exception of some tweaking here and there...will be showing my home in the next few days - am thinking about doing a post each day...will have to wait and see how things posting each day it will seem like we are having daily conversations - instead of saving it all up for a week or so...then trying to cram everything into one.

100_2392 The chandelier that hangs above my dining room table has not changed much during the last several years. I like the way it looks and until I come up with something better I suppose it was stay this way.

>100_2391 It seems like this year I have been adding more white to my usual red, green and gold. As much as I love blue in my home decorating I am not fond of blue and silver at Christmas time. Well, until this year - only have two items that fall in that color scheme so am putting them in the bathroom...a bell and a snowman and snow woman..small ones - really not large enough to form a vignette...I just have them sitting on my jewelry box.

Will probably show more of my home as the days count down to the big day. The washer bell just went off - so that means from washer to duties call.

What are you thankful for - right this minute? Me, my washer and dryer...the temp is in the lower 20's!



Michelle said...

It's 18* here. Are you sure you aren't in Iowa? We got a dusting of snow last night, and the roads were slick!

Love your decorating. Not sure when, or if I'll get things decoraoted this year. I have quilts to make and quilt! (I'm hoping to anyway!)
Have a great weekend!

Marilyn said...

Right this minute I'm thankful for heat. Love the heat. I had to turn the fireplace off because it gets a little warm when I am baking. We got down to 25 last night. Love the chandelier with the snowflakes. It sounds like you are all ready for the celebration season. Me, I'm baking and making candy and getting a goody box ready to go to MD.

Darlene said...

Morning Amelia,

I LOVE your decorated is gorgeous! Sounds like you have a lot of your stuff done definitely relax and enjoy. I am thankful for my little heater right now. I am at my part-time job and have it on (at my feet) trying to keep a little warmer. My truck showed 27* as I was coming into work.

Stacey said...

Hi Amelia. You are ready to go! I'm a little behind you but getting there slowly. I started wrapping gifts a couple of days ago. Need to go through my pantry and get the groceries all in order. I always enjoy the process.

Stay warm this weekend.

Kristie said...

It certainly looks lovely! I like the more traditional Christmas colors too!

Right this minute, I am thankful for my fireplace! It is keeping us warm and cozy!

Halcyon said...

I like these snowflakes on your chandelier. Very pretty and a great idea. You really are quite the holiday decorator and you have so many great ideas!