Monday, November 30, 2009

Craft Time

Completed a new sign for the Christmas holidays.

Anything I do now has to be something that I can count on having many interruptions along the way. My sweet honey can only do so much during the day without my help.100_2379This started as one of those plain wooden placques from The Dollar Tree - painted it a pretty brown - painted the wooden letters the bright red...then added the Santa face....he was one of those refrigerator magnets that I have had for many long years...just pried off the magnet. The boxes and holly leaves/with berries were in my Christmas crafting stuff...which has been around for many long years.

If you recall this is the same place I had the pumpkin in a picture frame and then hung within another frame as part of my fall decorating. 100_2381 Here is a close up picture.

With all that has been going on I needed something in the easy department for my brain to handle.

Added note: Christmas decorating is about complete...somewhat satisfied with the results...still needs a bit here and there...don't get your hopes Martha lives here...just plain old me.



Darlene said...

Your Christmas plaque turned out great!

Martha doesn't live at my house Hope you are having a great evening.♥

Michelle said...

Cute! thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Who needs Martha (whoever she is?) Your plaque looks great, and what a clever use for all those odds and ends. I put my first Christmas decoration out today, a runner on my dresser. The rest will go up at one a day for the next couple of weeks, then it'll be all out after that.

Marilyn said...

That is just TOOOOOO cute!! Love it. You are so creative. I sure hope Leon gets to where he can get around fast. Good luck to you both.

Kristie said...

As always you do a wonderful job with your crafting! I can't wait to see the photos of all of your Christmas decorating. I bought ONE new Christmas ornament yesterday. Hunter said the he wanted a new Nativity ornament for the tree this year, so I found a nice one at Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off! He was so happy with it when I showed it to him. Guess we will try to put our tree up this weekend.

Hope Leon is well on the mend.

bj said... cute is this!!
xo bj

Christina said...

What a fun plaque. You did a great job and it is very jolly.

No Martha here either. There use to be, but she left the building a long time ago. I do love to do things up nice, but life has to be lived too. She appears from time to time, but for the most part I do what I can do and try not to stress about things being perfect. It is amazing the things that my kiddos love and think are the greatest traditions and they are the tiniest little thing.

Jen said...

Martha is on the naughty list lately as far as I am concerned. (another one that needs to keep her politics to herself and leave Rachel alone.)Ha!
Your plaque is cute. With all my recent painting I haven't had time to do any crafting. My best to Leon, I hope his recovery is speedy.

Tropical Screamer said...

Great job, Amelia.

And you're my Martha, just so you know.


julieQ said...

How very cute! The red just pops out, I love it. You are so creative, starting with a "blank slate". Wonderfully imaginative.