Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rainy Day Crafting

One day this past week the weather was yucky! Cold, wet, wind blowing - all not good for working in my flower beds.

I had a couple of projects floating in the back of my mind - yes, my brain can be pretty empty at times, so there was plenty of room to float around in.

For some time I had wanted wooden blocks that spelled out Merry Christmas. Of course, I did not want to pay mega bucks for them...kept thinking I would find a set at yard/garage sale. Sure enough, hit pay dirt, well almost. I wanted it to say Merry Christmas and this set said Happy Holidays. Now to most people this would have been super okay. Not me, I wanted what I wanted and was determined to get it. Yes, I am spoiled but it is my husband's fault. So the search began to find wooden letters to use. None of the stores here in my local area had them. While in Okla. City we checked at Hobby Lobby - came up empty handed - then to Michaels - found them there at $4.00 per package. We could not determine how many of each letter was in the package - so Leon said buy two packages. Paid 50 cents for the block set and now we have little over $8.00 in letters...but I got what I wanted - see.100_2193 I put the white dots on the block - painted the wooden letters red - super glued them in place. Project now complete.

Shortly after I got those wooden letters at Michaels a shipment arrived at the local Dollar Tree. Being their cost was one-fourth of what I had paid per package in OKC I picked up a couple of these packages. So for a period of time I had a excellent stock of wooden letters to do craft projects.

At the same time while at Dollar tree I picked up one of those wooden (I think really pressed cardboard stuff) plaque know the one where you can hang it with the attached ribbon.

Painted the sign brown, goldenrod colored paint went on the out some fall leaves. I had gotten some chestnuts from my hairdresser so got those out. Glue came next - and this is what I created. Oh, I know I could have probably picked up one for little cash at the store - but the fun in creating something is so satisfying for the hands, body, and soul. 100_2198 Since this has more of a Thanksgiving theme I will put it out when I get out Mr. Turkey and the pilgrims.

When all was said and done....I went to church Wednesday night with three colors of paint on my fingers...all covered up by crazy glue. Now, it is all gone - but that night they were reminders of how much fun I had with my crafting projects.

Guess I am still a kid at heart - painting and glue are my friends!


Michelle said...

Your projects are so pretty, and yes, it is such a good feeling to be creative. Good job!
be blessed,

Hazel said...

Every thing turned out great ,now do be careful with that crazy glue ,don't want your fingers glued together ,how on earth will you be able to do more crafts.

Carol said...

I think you should have started this post with " Several days this past month were yucky!"
My white hair is covered with green moss and my toes have mushrooms growing between them from all the rain we have had.
You had much more fun than I did. I must be doing something wrong.
Your crafts are really cheering. Thanks for sharing. It lightened my mood when I came in from loading a pickup bed of firewood. If I can't find time to do the crafting I enjoy, at least I can enjoy looking at what others do.

Marilyn said...

I love, love, love both projects!! I have those dollar store letters and some plaques. No chestnuts but I want to copy!! I could use acorns. You had some great ideas. Now, those blocks are adorable. Love the dots on them. Great projects.

Kristie said...

You are very talented! I always love seeing what you have been doing! You make the neated things!

Valerie said...

Oh I just love your goodies. There is something about doing it yourself, isn't there?

tardevil said...

Too cute! What a great way to spend a rainy, yucky day!

Amanda said...

I really like your Christmas blocks - the fun you had reminded me of the fun I used to have when I was teaching, playing with the glue and paint alongside the children.

Darlene said...

I LOVE your projects...the Merry Christmas blocks are adorable and so is the cute sign. What fun and you definitely feel like something is accomplished when you do it yourself.♥

Jen said...

Great ideas Amelia.
You always add the extra little touches which makes your crafts stand out.

Tropical Screamer said...

Too cute. :)


Christina said...

Love your Merry Christmas blocks. It is rainy here too. Just right for crafting except I have laundry piled to the ceiling. Ack. I did get a chance to do a little project w/Chloe this past weekend and hope to get a post up soon.

Love your Thanksgiving sign too. I've never seen those plaques. Great idea!