Friday, October 09, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

During a recent trip to the local thrift store I came across three saucers and small bowl that I took a liking to.

This is the first one: 100_2162 Since I have quite a few white items with a sprinkling of cobalt blue thrown in the mix I figured this could easily be incorporated into my "amelia" decorations.
I have it on one of the shelves of the side board (remember the fall scene with the cobalt blue in it) - so it blends in quite well right now.

100_2171 100_2178 Normally, I am interested only in white or cobalt blue...but these two pieces with red just said something to me. I don't know anything about transfer ware - but think these could be any of you know?

100_2183 The shape of this small bowl caught my attention...and I knew there was something already in my collection it would coordianate with. 100_2184 The hexagon shape just fits in perfect with this small pitcher and saucer.

Not bad finds for $2.00 and some change.


Marilyn said...

Great finds. I had cobalt blue dishes for a while. Actually I still have them but I'm going to sell. I have decided to just use my white dishes and the green jadite ones. I did enjoy the blue but am ready to let them go. You have fired me up to thrift store stop.

Hazel said...

Not bad at all , you got some great fines here .Love the blue and white

Stacey said...

They are all pretty. I really like the stack of blue pieces topped off with the pitcher.

Granny Lyn said...

I can't believe how nice your pitcher looks with that bowl, it was meant to be a match! all of the plates are awesome, and will go together nicely! good finds!

Kristie said...

Love those dishes! You really found some nice things!!

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

You're kidding, right? WOW, you scored! I couldn't have done that well with ONE piece!

Love all the pieces. Isn't thrift store shopping fun?!!!
be blessed,