Friday, October 16, 2009

Garden Party

This post is being created by the child in me - so play along.

Each fall a large party is held at the fine home of the Watkins family. At this time of the year they are staying in their central Oklahoma mansion.

< >100_2228 The invitations have been sent out far and wide to those wishing to be a part of these festivities. Shown above is the character in charge of these much wanted invites:  Please take note his pal "Doozy" is perched on his head. This handsome man is lovingly known to all in this county as "Harry, the Hobo".

With a hidden camera I managed to check out what the flowers/plants will be wearing to this exciting event. 100_2235 Molly the Mum has chosen yellow for her dress - this particular style also comes in several other colors - such as bronze, pink, deep wine to mention a few. This is a repeat wearing of this dress for her - she wore it in the "Spring Fling"...getting to see her twice in it is fantastic...getting the money's worth when there is a double showing during a season.

100_2248 Featured in the eastern part of the yard we find Suzy Sumac flaunting her orange red attire. Please note the dress is really short...her thin legs seem to be showing a bit much.

100_2251 Let's stop and check out the pon-pon effect as sported by Marjorie Marigold. She is surrounded by her sisters - Maggie, Marilyn, Mona, and MarySue. At this time we are not sure if all the Marigold girls will be attending the party or not...heard something about one of them dashing off to Vegas for a wedding.

100_2258 In this picture you will see Candy Celosia and her room-mate Geraldine Geranium. Both of these ladies are preparing for the big night. After a hot summer they are beginning to show their age...but we won't tell them...don't want to spoil their fun. 100_2259 This foxy lady with what appears to be fans is known to her friends as Montana Maiden-Grass. Her fans have not finished their annual spreading...but she will strut her stuff anyway.

100_2260 Tucked in this setting are the Impatien women. They seem to be in full fashion at this time with such bright colorful garments. Let's give a hand to Imogene, Iris and Irene as they finish prettying up for the fall get-to-gather.

100_2261 From the north side of the yard is the location of this lovely beauty. Society debs call her "Miss Heidi. This name is quite appropriate because her last name is hard to spell and pronounce. Can't determine if Hydrangea is French, German, or Swedish.

100_2263 Well, look in this corner, we have some gentlemen all decked out in their various shades of green tuxedos. As with most men, they are just standing there - probably telling some big story about the fish that got away, or the quest of some shady lady, or some other wild tale.

100_2253 Rumor has it, the drink of the evening will be a punch made from the juice of these small delectable grapes. People around here call them Possum Grapes...which sounds so country...but I have heard that in New York they are referred to miniature "Purple Pearl Plums". Since we have not had a frost yet, the punch will be sweet. Once a freeze happens these berries become like small bits of alcohol. This is just something I have heard thru the years...could be just folk lore...don't know sure.

100_2236 All parties need decorations - this one is no exception - this smiling face is adorning one of the walls. Will just have to wait and see what other items will appear as decorations at this seasonal affair.

Music - a must have - heard the crows practicing their mo-town sounds this afternoon. Also the Canadian Geese have promised a few rhythmic honks that they are so famous for.

In looking over the list of ones invited a few names popped out that I am sure you would love to see. Let me run down that paper and rattle off the names. Rosetta-the rose for instance will be there. Also Misty-the morning glory will attend - but will have to leave early - remember her job is an morning one. Phyllis the Phlox has already left for her winter home - she will be missed by all the rest of the attendees.

Who knows what might happen at this party - the birds will twitter all of you set up on this means of communication. Those of you on face book just might get to see some pictures.


- Amelia


Michelle said...

What a party! Everything is so pretty! Thank you for sharing.
Enjoy God's blessings,

Valerie said...

Wow. What a party. I would love to attend this one. Gorgeous!

Hazel said...

Now thats one party I want to attend ,love your sense of humor and the photo's are great ,it's so nice to see colorful flowers everything is finished here to cold ,so they put on there coats and are on the way to your house .

Darlene said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS party to me!! All of your plants are so lovely! Hope you have a great weekend.♥

Amanda said...

A true garden party! Your garden must look gorgeous at this time of year. Here we've got very little left now, apart from a few golden and red leaves still on the trees and far too many on the ground. There are still a few bushes struggling along still flowering, but very few last this far into the autumn.

Marilyn said...

What a sweet post! Love the idea of the party and your sweet guests. This is the time of year that our little guest wear their finery. You have beautiful things in your yard. Enjoy the sunshine and all that beauty.

Victoria said...

Love the Garden Society news!!! Miss Heidi is exceptionally pretty. LOL at the girls showing their legs off...that is exactly what it looks like.

It's been awhile since I've been over here or else you are posting a lot. :) Love your dictionary words on the wall and your wreath on the front door and the frame that you put behind it. Also, I love the flying crows over the scarecrows. What a cute idea. My Sweet Girl is scared of scarecrows right now but before long I hope she'll outgrow that fear and we'll have some.

Kristie said...

Oh Amelia! You are so entertaining! I just loved that post, so much fun and beauty!

Granny Lyn said...

oh, oh, oh, I must have missed my invitation in the post!!! I will berate my postman for dropping my card!! but what shall I wear? the "grass skirts" are in this year, but they make my rose hips look huge!

Christina said...

It was great fun reading reading this post. A delightful story.

Of course I always love seeing your plants too. "Miss Heidi" is very beautiful.

Have you ever heard the poem, October's party? I've always loved reading that poem and this post is lovely like that.

October's Party by George Cooper

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came—
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

did want to post the whole thing, but the idea is here.

julieQ said...

Love your garden party!! I really enjoy seeing your garden in all it's glory.

Tropical Screamer said...

You ought to be very glad that I'm as far away as I am or I'd be sitting in your garden. :)

What fun.