Thursday, August 20, 2009

Untidy Plant

I never thought there would be any kind of flower or plant that I would not want to grow in my flower beds. I have found one - in fact, I have lots of them.

On two occasions my sweet honey and I dug up some day lilies at a place along one country road...a trashy place - just up the road a few yards is a ditch and "city" people have dumped their big trash in our "country" area.

We transplanted these lilies into several places in our yard. I was excited - thought they would fill the area with lovely green graceful arching leaves for many months during the year. Plus provide me with an array of flowers during their flowering season. Well, these things are happening.

The part I don't like is the way the old leaves die down as the new leaves come forth.

I certainly don't want to spend my precious retirement time in weeding out these dead leaves. Some would say just leave them...but I can not stand "CLUTTER" of any kind - either in the house or in my flower beds.

Have not fully decided what to plant in these areas - but something that grows each season - with little care -"No, not weeds"...but something worthy of spending many years in the yard of "The Watkins Family".

Primarily, they are all planted on the east side of the house - will need to keep that in mind when planting new species. In south east corner the sun ruins the hosta plants each summer...just too much hot sun on their delicate leaves.

As soon as the weather is cool I will be out there digging up these "free" plants. True, they cost me nothing in the purchase of them - but lots of work in the maintenance department.

Any ideas will be taken into consideration in this change over.



Darlene said...

I bet you will come up with the perfect plant! It is too bad the lilies aren't working out.

I have a shaded bed area that I need to get cleaned out because I want to plant hostas. I have become VERY interested in having some pretty beds, so that is my next step. My two hydrangea bushes (that I planted a while back) seem to be doing great which gives me hope that my brown thumb is turning

Granny Lyn said...

We have lillies, too, but they don't shed like that. Maybe it is just a certain species? or amybe the heat? the east side of our house is the hardest to keep a bloom in, too much shade. I have no suggestion, other than hostas, I know, boring?

Marilyn said...

Beware. They have little bulbs that are everywhere. Hate the ugly dead leaves they have after the first bloom. I have cleaned ours up and thought I got them all dug out but they are back. Good luck

Amanda said...

Not being much of a flower gardener - the vegetable patch is my domain - I can't offer any suggestions I'm afraid. Good luck though.

bj said...

Oh, dear...I am sure you will have those babies out of that pretty garden and replant with something beautiful. Sorry for the extra work..but, once, a lifetime ago, we went out and cut our own firewood from a canyon. Thought we were so smart ...stacked it up, nice and neat beside our WOODEN fence. I began to notice little piles of sawdust...yep..we had bore worms in that "free" wood and it ended up costing us a small bundle of money to have the fence, trees and house treated for...bore worms. So, see, you aren't as bad off as we were!! lol
hugs, bj

Tropical Screamer said...

We got a little rain and the weeds in my tiny garden grew bigger than our regular plants.

Too bad we weren't trying for a weed garden. LOL.

I'm sorry the lillies disappointed you, but I know you'll find something just right for those spots.


Victoria said...

I know what you mean! I feel the same way about Jonquil & Daffodils! They say you need to let the stems die all the way to feed the bulb but it drives me crazy to see the wilted yellow stems.

Wish clutter inside drove me as crazy..... :)

Stacey said...

The untidy plant that I can't decide what to do about is the trumpet vine that covers our pergola. It's covered in flowers that are beautiful and the hummingbirds love them. However, the blooms seem to last just one day like a hibiscus and they drop everywhere. Then they rot and attract flies. The grass dies...etc. I'm seriously considering taking it all out!

Picket said...

Morning must have gotten the regular orange daylilies..they grow in ditches thru the country side down here and spread like wild fire...but I have several different colored daylilirs that I love....the just stay in their clump and the clump gets bigger each year...ohhh I have one that is so doubled ruffled that it looks like a beautiful yellow canna and my red one has blooms that are 7 inches you can tell I love lilies! lol But yes you do have to maintain and keep cleaned out...Bill doesn't like them but he loves me so they stay! lol As good as you are with growing things I'm sure you'll find just the right plants to suit you for the spot...I'm just happy if anything grows for me! lol Thanks for coming by my friend and I hope you have a wonderful week.