Friday, August 14, 2009

A Southern Delight

This posting is for you readers that do not call the south home.

Okra is a must in our garden each year. For us it is easy to grow - normally not bothered by any bug or disease...just give it plenty of hot weather and some water...for us here in Oklahoma about the third week in July we can start getting a small picking of okra. From then on to frost (usually) we can pick every other day.

As for the method of cooking, we prefer ours fried. Yes, not so good for you - health wise - but to your taste buds - simply divine!

100_1783 Our garden - most of these plants are okra. Those on the far right are the tomato plants.

100_1781 Isn't this okra blossom pretty?

100_1779 This is what the okra pod looks like.

100_1786 This season I plan on putting up around 100 to 125 packages of okra like these in this picture.

As with all of our garden produce we give away about 90% and keep 10%.



Michelle said...

I usually have fried okra at one of the buffet houses we eat at. They have it every time. Good!
They are beautiful!
be blessed,

Darlene said...

Your garden is so beautiful. I LOVE fried okra...I mean, is there really ANY other way to eat!!

When you "put up the okra" do you wash it, cut it up and then freeze it in those packages? I have never had a garden so I have no clue. I would sure like to try one day though. I actually have one tomato plant and it has one tomato on it right now....SQUEAL!!!

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, Amelia, how funny is this? Im from Michigan, and I had fried okra for dinner tonite...We had fried zuchinni last night... we aren't southern, but we love the cooking down there! teehee

Hazel said...

Guess I'm the odd man out I've never had Okra ,looks good and the blossoms are very pretty .

Amanda said...

I don't think I've ever had fried okra. Indian restaurants sometimes have them in curries, and you can sometimes see them in the supermarkets, but I wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. I know that you can find more in markets and supermarkets serving large West Indian populations.

Marilyn said...

Your blog looks so pretty. Yes, love that okra. I don't batter ours and fry it in olive oil so I think I make fried okra as healthy as possible. I just sent a big batch of freshly picked okra home with my son. I have also heard you can cook pods in the microwave and it is good.

Christina said...

Good ole southern fried okra. My hubby loves it.

Somehow I missed your beautiful flowers in the last post. Love them all. The cypress vine in the last picture is so pretty. I had to cut mine down, but there are some little seedlings coming up all around it.

Tropical Screamer said...

Yum. You made my mouth water thinking about fried okra. :)

Best regards,

KyQuiltlady said...

I love fried okra, had it last night at Cracker Barrel. I love seeing your garden and flowers.

Kristie said...

I just love fried okra!! Your garden looks very nice! I just picked more tomatoes, peppers and corn today!

Love you

Jen said...

Wow you sure do get a large harvest! I've never eaten okra, but if it's fried, I'd try it. :)

Picket said...

Ohhhh girl fried okra is one of our favorites and toss in some chunks of green tomatoes when you flour and meal them and fry it all together...ohhhhh glory!!!!! lol lol I just love fresh garden vegetables...what a blessing to grow your own....enjoy that great tasting treat this winter and think of me!!!!lol Have a great week sweetie.

Belvie said...

Oh that okra!! I like it fried, boiled, in gumbo....just about any way it can be cooked. Only thing I don't like is picking it.

Sorry I'm so late commenting. Just got home from a trip.

Halcyon said...

I wish I knew someone around here who shared their garden bounty. I remember summers in Oklahoma neighbors and work friends always shared zucchini and eggplant. People here don't seem to do that. Or at least not the ones I know. :(