Friday, June 26, 2009


The heat is about to get to all of us in this part of the country.

At this point we have come to the conclusion all gardening should be done in the early hours when the temperature is in the 80's. Afternoons have been producing temps in the 90's and have hit some over the 100 mark.

We are watering the vegetable garden on a regular basis now. Sweet man of this home has a grid set up of soaker hoses - so with just hooking up the leader hose and turning the water on - he is in business with the watering process.

Squash - both yellow and zucchini are going crazy - producing plenty to eat and of course to share. Cucumbers are doing their part too to keep me supplied with fresh cukes to eat.

Okra is blooming and starting to put on some...bad part is those plants are only about 18 to 20 inches makes for difficulty in picking...but they will grow in height as the summer progresses.

Tomatoes are blooming and we have quite a few green ones - but no ripe ones yet. We set the plants out later than usual due to the weather at that time.
100_1518 Of course these zucchini are too large to eat...we can not figure out how we missed picking them back at the appropriate size.

You know how much I enjoy my flowers - so want to show some of the pictures I have taken recently. 100_1519 100_1526 100_1538 100_1566 100_1576 100_1578These are just a small part of what is blooming now.

I am so thankful for God allowing me to retire and to putter in my garden...what are you thankful for today?


Michelle said...

Your pictures are beautiful, and so are your plants and flowers. I so enjoyed seeing them.

I am so thankful for everything God has given us all. Everything good comes from God.

be blessed,

Darlene said...

OH.MY.WORD those zucchini are HUGE!!! WOW!! Your flowers are all so BEAUTIFUL. Love the one where you captured the butterfly on it.

Yep, it is hard to stay cool right now! We are wanting to go to the peach festival in Stratford, Oklahoma tomorrow but with the high temps. I don't know if it would be worth it to try or not. Of course, you know if we go I would have to blog about

Jen said...

Great garden! and your flowers are thriving with you puttering around them~beautiful.
It's hot here too~~ very humid! Thankful for AC!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful flowers. My husband has that same soaker hose system set up in our veg. garden. We had fried okra today from ours and the best tomatoes ever. We are well south of you though. Don't you love fresh veggies? Yes, hot, hot. We get out really early to do our gardening. I am thinning out the iris beds. Boy are they full. Have a great and cool (fingers crossed here) weekend.

Amanda said...

Your garden must be a riot of colour with all those stunning flowers. And so many vegetables ready to eat; We had the first few broadbeans last night, not enough to make a meal but they tasted so sweet. I don't envy you your really hot weather, but would like to pinch some of your sunshine, it's pretty damp and muggy here.

Suzan said...

Everything looks so pretty! Today I am thankful for temperatures back to where I like them, a bag full of new fabric to play with, my dishwasher, my sister, Julie and a weekend with no plans!

julieQ said...

It looks absolutely wonderful! Your garden is just growing so well, lovely!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!!!! Makes me wanna do some gardening. I love love love Okra. My favorite!

Picket said...

Oh my word what huge zucchini....oh I would just love to grow a garden...but right now it is so hot and no rain in sight everything is just suffering in the back yard...watering does no good...But I love fresh vegetables..I make cakes from zucchini...taste like a carrot cake to me and little muffins from tham also that my dad could eat every day of the year! lol Ohhhh an girl have you ever cut your yellow squash into chunks and then cut some potatoes into the same size small chunks with some chopped onion.... alittle salt & pepper...flour & meal them all together and fry them in a skillet..ohhhhhh glory!!!! Oh my my favorite is to take green tomatoes and cut them up and flour and meal them and add them to my okra and fry (I use breaded frozen okra) lordy it ain't even daylight here and I am making myself so hungry I could faint! lol It is just such a blessing to be able to enjoy fresh garden things that you have grown a plate for me girl...have a great week!

Victoria said...

I am thankful too that I get to stay home most of the time with my Sweet Girl! I'd hate to miss out on these precious days and see her joy over each plant in our garden!

I just had my first tomato from the garden today! YAY! I must say, it was pretty good. :) I can't wait to have a BLT favorite! My neighbor brought over cucumbers from his garden and I just cut some up and put in vinegar water. Mmmmmm.

Love the pictures of the flowers!