Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Garden Plants

If you have read my blog for long you know how much I like working in the yard. Each year I promise myself I am going to cut back and not make any new flower beds...and to cut down on the number of pots.

This year, 2009, has been no different---but I lied to myself again. Was in town earlier in the week looking for impatiens to finish out my shady location pots. Went to three locations before I found any - and that was at a farm store. In addition to having what I was looking for the pricing was 25% off. Gosh, I thought I want to get some perennials...that way put them in the ground this year. Then I am set for years to more planting in that area.

After seeing several blogs where people were showing the beautiful clematis plants with all their magnificant blooms I decided this old Oklie gal needed one of those too. Well, this store that had the other plants did not have a clematis. However, when I set out on a mission - stay out of my way - I am determined - checked out another store on the way home. Struck pay dirt - they had several of them...but at the selling price I thought my social security check would only allow for one. Hopefully in the next two or three years it will be large and pretty enough for me to post some pictures.

Then I get a phone call from my sister this farm store had reduced their prices to 50% off. Well, by this time of year I had pretty well spent all of my budgeted money for just kind of put the thought in the back of my mind about going back to the store. I waited two days - well nearly two the call on Tuesday night...and this is Thursday. After I got out of the beauty salon I went by the is on my way home so did not go out of the way. What caught my eye as soon as I walked up to the area...a sign that said "75% off"!!! I threw all caution to the wind...I grabbed a basket and starting shopping like a mad lady. Wasn't long before the basket was overflowing - you know that you can't sit plants on top of each other - but I was doing the best I could. Some of the plants did not have the plastic description card in them so I would call daughter Holly and have her look up data on the computer...did not want to get anything that was not going to grow in my zone area. Here I was standing in the plant area wondering how I was going to handle another basket...when who should appear - you are right - my knight in shining armour...Leon ...he had been in town helping a guy from church move some furniture. He had come by the store to pick up some manly stuff and saw my car in the parking lot. He asked me if I wanted another basket and I sheepishly said "yes"...he got me one and said just keep on shopping...and he would be back to help me with the check out process. 100_1165 Here are the plants I got today...all of these for $53.61 (including 8.50% sales tax).

Among the ones I selected are three lilac bushes, one butterfly bush...those are the large ones. Oh yes, a gardenia plant with a bud. Then a variety including Sweet William, Coral Bells, Reullia, violets, Pin cushion flowers, Salvia, Hosta, Asian Jasmine, Coreospsis plus 7 annual plants. I planted some of them this afternoon - rest will be tomorrow or Saturday as we are out of potting soil. I like to put good potting soil around them when putting them in a new freshly dug flower bed. With all these new plants I know I will be doing a bit more watering until they are established...but it will be worth it in the long run.

> Have no doubts I will be showing pictures as the season goes along.


Michelle said...

A girl must do, what a girl MUST do! Have fun playing in the dirt!

Belvie said...

Holy cow! You hit the plant jackpot! I don't blame you....I'd have had more than one buggy too. What a nice sister you have for letting you know about that sale. Can't wait to see all those flowers blooming.

I really like that bird cage from the previous post too!

Christina said...

What a wonderful deal. Good things come to those who wait! I think that's how it goes. That will save you money for years to come. I love to garden, though I've slowed down a bit since the kids have come along. I see things picking up again now that they are older and my daughter is interested.

Love the bird cage too.

Thanks for your sweet words about my pictures.

Suzan said...

Wow! If Oklahoma wasn't so far away, I would be tempted to come and snatch some out of your yard! :)

I gotta say, I was STUNNED when I saw your sales tax rate! I am not going to complain about 6.5% anymore. Do y'all pay state taxes as well? I sure hope not!

Kristie said...

Wow, what a load of plants! They will be so beautiful when they bloom. Can't wait for photos to come!

8.50% sales tax???? WOW! And to think that I complain about our 6% here in KY!

Tropical Screamer said...

Wow. That would be two plants here.

What a treasure. I can hardly wait to see your garden again this year. It will, once again, be breathtaking.


Hazel said...

You got some great buys I was doing the same thing this weekend but believe me there was no sales here .Oh I had to laugh at the sales tax 6 or even 8 percent is peanuts ,ours is 15%. You girls don't know how lucky you are .

Amanda said...

Plants are so much more expensive here in the UK - but that doesn't stop us! We picked up a few more the other day for some of our pots - we have loads of them, and then DH bought five more on Friday! You're right - so much watering.

Stacey said...

Way to go! I am learning more and more over time that perennials are the way to go. Eventually you just have to plug in a few annuals for color. The clematis takes 2 or 3 years to bloom really pretty usually.

I got lucky at Lowe's today. There was a sign that said Selected Perennials 50% off. I got 5 or 6 coral bells and they rang up for under $2.00! They are big a pretty. I'm a happy girl too. ;)

Sit A Spell said...

I have really enjoyed my first visit here tonight. I LOVE to garden and have many of your new plants in my gardens. You got a lot of plants for little money...that's great.

I told myself the same thing...less money on plants this yr...already spent about $200 and spring just hit where I live! However, I am trying to simplify my pots this yr.

Those baby geese are too cute.


Marilyn said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your garden when all these lovelies are planted. I love butterfly bushes. Our wrens aren't hatched yet. I am so tempted to peek and count eggs. Love you blog and thanks for stopping by mine.