Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Leon's Latest Love

No, there is not another woman in his life that is taking my place.

For the last few weeks we have been going to garage sales - which can be addictive. I found some new treasures - but that is for another post perhaps. We have been watching this item sitting in a neighbor's yard for several years...just sitting there...looking sad and lonesome. When we stopped by the place on Friday to view her items at the yard sale Leon was so excited to see this "Old Treasure" was also being sold. He did not say but I bet his heart beat rate went way up as he walked around and contemplated how much if would cost. Finally, he just asked how much and was very well pleased with the price. He said "I will take it!"

So starting with this: 100_1192 , 100_1187

100_1193 100_1191

Here it is - 100_1186 An old, old wagon. As far as history of this old relic none is known. The lady who owned it had purchased it some time ago and was unable to get any details or history at that time. It has to be real old as it used the wooden spokes in the wheels.

We had to get it moved Friday afternoon as dear son was tied up the rest of the weekend - and then back to work this week. Also we wanted to get it home. The loading was quite a feat. Leon tied a big chain around it...then son lifted the front end with our tractor. Leon then backed the trailer underneath it. Then was able to lift back end and roll rest on to the trailer. To unload it, we did practically the same routine.

Of course, at that time we did not have the area prepared where we wanted it placed. However, we placed the wagon where we wanted and we figured we would work around getting the edging blocks and rocks down later.

Leon made some saw horse looking deals to sit the wagon on - As the frame was not going to hold up much longer...besides with no wheels on the rear end - it looked strange. We maneuvered them under the wagon...which was not easy - but two old determined people did it!

Monday morning bright and early we were at Lowe's to get plastic sheeting and block edging. On way home went by son's house and got a lot of the rocks. (Years ago I bought son a huge load of rocks and had them dumped at his place as he was planning on doing some yard work that would require them...only stipulation was I could use what I wanted and when I wanted...dear son readily agreed).

Now the hard work began...jacked up the front end with car jacks (one on each side) wrestled the plastic down in place. We absolutely did not want any grass/weeds growing up underneath the wagon. Moved the jacks to the rear end and proceeded to get plastic in place. Then started in placing the blocks around - getting them squared up. Leon took a shovel and unloaded the rocks and spread them around. My job was to pick up those that fell on the ground (not where they were supposed to be). Did not have enough rocks - so back to son's house for more. On second load Grandson-in-law was here and he unloaded them for us.

100_1228 You can see to the left back of this picture the latest wagon in our yard. I want to find some "decorating" items to go with it. First Leon is planning on doing some fixing up of it. By no means is he going to do a complete restoration.

Granted not everyone would want something like this in their yard - but we like the looks. Plus people can identify our place very easily.

Oh yes, I need to tell you the price of the wagon - $75.00. The price of one of the wheels could be more than that.

Now you know the rest of the story!


Michelle said...

What a neat deal to happen for Leon, and you! I totally understand love for things like that. What a treasure you have. It will bring joy to your heart for many years!

Suzan said...

Such a wonderful piece of American history - even if you don't know how old it is or where it came from!

andrew_mills2011 said...

Oh Amelia! I LOVE IT!! When I see something like that, I always wonder about the people that rode in it, where they went and all that stuff! Such a great deal on it! I would love to have one sitting in my yard!

Kristie said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me! Andrew was logged in and I didn't know it!

Hazel said...

Another goody for your yard ,can't wait to see how you decorate around it .It will be beautiful what ever you decide ,your so good at things like this .Enjoy it and don't forget to keep us updated with photo's .

Amanda said...

What a labour of love. And how good that the wagon has found a home where it can be appreciated.

Marilyn said...

Can't wait for the rest of the story. Don't you love old things? I wonder what all this wagon has done. It will fit in perfectly in your beautiful yard. Great story.

Darlene said...

That old wagon looks beautiful in your yard! I love it! I haven't been able to hit any garage sales because we have just been swamped but I hope to start this weekend...YAY

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Amelia, Love your new wagon! Kevin and I both love old tractors and implements, and such! Leon's find is really neat and the way ya'll displayed it is so pretty! Now that is a true treasure! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Belvie said...

How wonderful to have an piece of history like that. You have those piece displayed so nicely in your yard. I'm sure the original owner would be so pleased to know that someone who truly loves the wagon....now owns it!

Stacey said...

I think your wagons are very neat!