Friday, February 06, 2009

For Joshua

First, let me explain who Joshua is.

He is Leon's youngest son...age 26 now.

I suppose a lot of families have a person in the family tree that does or did not walk to the same drum beat as the rest of family. Well, that is our Joshua. He was brought up in the church so he knows right from wrong. However, his living does not reflect that . Oh yes, we have prayed and cried about the situation - so now it is in God's hands as to what happens to him.

One of the times during a phone conversation I asked him if he would like for me to make him a quilt and what color did he want...he replied yes and wanted it in blue. I have now finished it. As to when he gets it depends on him.
I enjoyed this pattern after I got into it. In fact, I will probably make another one some time.


Michelle said...

Joshua's quilt is lovely. I know he will love it. Maybe you could pray over it before you give it to him, and ask God to touch Joshua's heart, and remind Joshua each time he looks at it that you made it, and that you want him to know Jesus the way you do. I pray each time he looks at it, the seed grows just a little bigger, and eventually blooms into salvation for him.

Belvie said...

Beautiful blue quilt! Blue is my favorite color.

Here's hoping Joshua will "see the light" and good change will happen in his life. Guess many of us have a Joshua in our family....I know I do...only with a different name!

Sue said...

The quilt is beautiful and I know a work of love. I am in agreement with Michelle about praying over the quilt. I will add Joshua to my list. God Bless You, Amelia

Amanda said...

What a lovely quilt. It has long been my belief that children who receive a good start in life will come good in the end, even though it might take a while. Some youngsters are troubled souls and need to kick and fight against something, anything, but with a fair wind and a lot luck Joshua will make you proud one day.

Bo said...

Hi Amelia...I know you spent many hours creating this beautiful quilt for Joshua...and I hope when he is finally ready to receive it, he will understand all the love behind it. I'll think of him in prayer. ;-) Bo

Jen said...

That quilt is absolutely gorgeous!
Prayers for Joshua.

MJ said...

Hey Mrs.Amelia,
I love the quilt. It's very pretty.I can relate to what you said about Joshua. I'm sorry, that's a tough thing to cope with, especially when you love someone. You both are in my prayers.

Kristie said...

I think we all have a "Joshua" in our families! All that you can do is teach them the right way and pray that they listen!! Keep praying, your prayers will not go unheard! :)

Love the quilt! I think it looks perfect for a man! I just love that pattern! Looks very nice!

Hazel said...

Yes Amelia I think we all know a Joshua ,prayers going out for him .
Love the quilt ,I'm sure he will to .

Victoria said...

The quilt is beautiful. Keep praying for Joshua and we all will too!

I am absolutely in love with your red, white & blue rag quilt! It is precious. I wish I had the patience to quilt.

How did you make your 15 year old wreath? I can't quite tell but it is darling.

Thank you for the sweet comments on our blog. I feel like you are a kindred spirit. Maybe it's because of your sharing Sweet Girl's name. ;)

bj said...

Yes, I think everyone might have a family member like your Joshua. I know we do.
Your quilt for him is just beautiful. I so appreciate all the work you put into your lovely quitls, Amelia. I know they take a lot of time and talent...
xo bj

julieQ said...

I know he will absolutely love it! I too was a free spirit, and look at me now! Totally responsible! Hope springs eternal!

Norma said...

Joshua has you and Leon, so he has the support he needs and the prayers needed. The rest is up to him. Hard to say but sometimes, it comes down to that.

Lovely quilt, I like the pattern and really love the colors. It will be what he needs to know that someone out there loves and cares about him. Sometimes that message is all that is needed.