Monday, February 09, 2009

A Valentine Winner

Several days ago Jen at Unglazed told me I was one of her winners in her Valentine drawing. Oh yes, I was excited - that I had won - and it was going to be a surprise as to what my prize would be.

My wonderful postal carrier delivered my box today (along with a stack of bills - everyone has those). No delay on my part in grabbing the scissors and cutting the tape. Jen had nestled everything in red tissue paper with little red hearts (confetti size) was scattered about too.
She had created a card and had written a greeting inside it - now that is talent! Also included heart shaped post-it notes. You know I spent many years in office work where I used notes all the time...things have not changed I am still a note writer...these will be just perfect. The pencil will work just wonderful when I do the crossword puzzle daily. No, I am good enough to do the puzzle in ink - like some people. Isn't that a cute coffee cup with the heart shaped suckers in it. Come tomorrow morning I will have my coffee in it and use one of the suckers for a stirrer. Also got a box of the little heart shaped candy with sayings on them...reminds of my childhood...yes. we had candy back then too. In the bag was some hidden goodies...chocolate kisses and chocolate covered cherries...can't beat a combination like that.

Thanks , Jen.

Be sure to check out her blog...she is a dear!


Kristie said...

Oh, that is so cute! Lucky You!

Jen said...

Ahhh how sweet of you Amelia.
I'm so happy you like everything. Cella chocolate covered cherries are my absolute favorite! I'm so happy the stores have them at Christmas and Valentine's Day too. ha! And I always like to use mugs that reflect the holidays. Enjoy.
♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥