Monday, February 02, 2009

Double Fun

Last week - while we were pretty much "snow/sleet/ice" bound to the house I indulged myself in two fun projects.

I enjoy sewing/quilting very much - then decorating with some of of my treasures makes this lady a happy person. With this venture I accomplished both avenues of fun.

The only February/valentine decorating I did or plan to do is the dining room table. I did come across some fabric pictures that would make a wonderful display if I had the right sort of frame. I don't have one in my stash - nor am I going to buy one - but I will put frames on my search out list for garage/yard sales this upcoming season. Since I am an adult - an old one - yes, probably older than 90% of you readers I decided I could put some added pizazz in my decorating...thus the use of the black. Red, white and black just seems to be the colors for my age group. Did not want any little girl pink with my red and white.
This is a heart shaped wreath to which squares of red and white gingham and also pieces of solid red fabric were inserted. This wreath is probably close to 15 years old...does anyone remember when we made them in different colors for the different seasons. Somehow, I just could not get rid of the two of these I made. I had made the runner first out of scraps and a couple of nine patch blocks I had in my stash. Then, I tried several different things in the middle - none looked right. But, one afternoon just as I was laying down for my afternoon nap I spotted the wreath on the back door where I had hung it several days earlier. I thought this just might be the answer to my decorating dilemma. Sure enough, it had the look I was after - what ever you call it.
The wreath just seemed to anchor the red candle on the white holder. The small bears gave it the needed whimsical touch.

Then to carry on the fabric look I dug around in my stash and came up with the black boa looking fringe. Added the polka dog ribbon - and stood back and decided it was complete.

One of the blocks already made had this fabric with black in it. If you look real close it is a drawing of a rose - quite appropriate for this lovey-dovey day. To carry out the black I added the black binding to the edge.

Here is the full view!

Even put heart fabric on the back hand quilting on this (other than the binding) - just did it all on the sewing machine.

The best part of all - Leon old me how much he liked it - without any prodding from me. He just said it all on his own.

May the month of February bring you added love and happiness - from your husband, children and grandchildren!


Suzan said...

How pretty! Love the simple table runner that you made. I think a runner dresses up the table and makes a statement that you care about your home.

Sue said...

Amelia, it's perfect in every way. Your reasoning for what you did made perfect sense to me and use of the black with the reds and hearts added sophistication. I never made the fabric wreaths. A fun project I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Your table looks great, and I bet you had lots of fun doing it.
Thanks for sharing!

Kristie said...

I love it! It looks very classy! You did a wonderful job on the decorating. I don't usually decorate for anything except for Christmas because I don't have alot of extra space. Maybe I need to make some tablerunners and things like that since they don't take up any extra room. Oh, and I love the kitty sitting in your window!

Amanda said...

How pretty that looks - and I agree with you, pretty pretty pink isn't for me either. I've never known of anyone in the UK doing any decorations for the house for Valentine's day, though there are always Valentine's events where they go overboard on decoration. I always used to dread it, because we had a Valentine's disco at school for the children, and the noise and the hyperactivity and the stickiness (sweets and fizzy pop) was just ghastly. Christopher and I exchange cards, but that's about it for us.

Jen said...

Your table looks inviting--nice job! Do you have a special Valentine's Day meal planned?
I remember making those wreaths for Christmas. I cut squares of fabric with pinking shears and pushed the pieces into a Styrofoam wreath, added little bows and bells. I made a bunch of them and gave them as gifts.

Christina said...

I have always loved the combo of black and red. The ribbon and fringe are great and everything came together beautifully. The black binding just tops it off.

bj said...

Oh, your runner is just beautiful...and the centerpiece, just perfect for the occasion.
I agree with is really pretty.
Oh, and I am older than YOU!! Don't you love it when you find someone older than you? Hahaha I sure do. One of my best friends is a month older than me and I tease her all the time about how much younger I am than she is !!!
xo bj

Picket said...

Morning girl..great projects....I have always loved table I wish I could sew and quilt! lol Thanks for coming by..hope you are having a great week!

julieQ said...

Isn't your table just beautiful? Love it! I would be happy too! I like the little feathery base around the centerpiece, so pretty.

Lynn said...

Love the runner - it looks so pretty - the backing fabric is just perfect. About 25 years ago my Aunt was making wreaths like that. She made me a purple one for my bedroom ( and a yellow for my sister). I loved it.

Lynn said...

Love the runner - it looks so pretty - the backing fabric is just perfect. About 25 years ago my Aunt was making wreaths like that. She made me a purple one for my bedroom ( and a yellow for my sister). I loved it.

Shanda said...

Very pretty. I only decorated my kitchen window and I have up the rag muffin garland I won a couple of weeks ago. I do have spring fever and today it was almost 60 here. March will be heartbreaking for us, it always is. It will be so wet and cold, right when I really want to start planting. Are you planning any new gardens this year or do you just take care of the perrenial ones.