Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wonderful Winning

Several days ago Julie had a drawing for several fantastic gifts. I was ever so surprised when she posted that I was the winner. Even more special than what she said she would be sending was this special frog..instead of this frog "going courtin" as the old song words are...Julie says this frog is "going travelin"...and he did. Well, not too many miles as Julie lives in north Texas and I live in central Oklahoma.

Doubt if I have time to make up the gorgeous fabric squares in the Christmas pattern before the Holidays this year...but I have plenty of days until Christmas time 2009.

Reading and dreaming about the patterns in the book will be fantastic. Wonder how long it will take for me to make all of those patterns?

Again, Julie, I am thankful my name was drawn from all the entries.


Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, I love that book.

I've been flirting with a Dear Jane quilt for years. I looked at this book because the quilt was so similar.

What a fun thing to win. Congratulations.

Best regards,

Bo said...

Congratulations on your win...Won't that be fun piecing that together. ;-) Bo

Hazel said...

Congrats Amelia ,I love that frog ,its so cute

Michelle said...

What lovely gifts! Aren't bloggers just so much fun and generous?

Norma said...

Isn't it fun to get give away packages in the mail! Love that frog and looking forward to seeing what nice things you come up with for the Christmas fabric.

julieQ said...

Yahoo! I am so glad it got there safe and sound! Enjoy, Enjoy!!