Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Change of Scenery

From the title one would think I had been on a trip this past week. No, we have not gone anywhere out of the oridinary. However, we are kicking around a idea to take an overnight stay and look at the trees in eastern Oklahoma. Also while that close may drop in Leon's elderly aunt who lives in western Arkansas. Just have to wait and see how everything (life in general) progresses. Back to the topic of today's blog...when I look far out my picture window this is my view. Quite lovely, don't you think?

This also is out the same window - just showing closer to the porch. The water that normally flows from the pump has been turned off and everything has been set for wintertime.

The trees are just starting to turn color here in our part of the state. We noticed them Friday when we were out taking in a few late season garage sales. Yesterday evening we took the golf cart and went fishing (did not even get a nibble). After the fishing period we drove deeper in the woods to see the appearance of the foilage.

This week was just another week, I suppose. Can't say that anything exciting happened ~ nothing bad either. Just the usual: cook, clean house, laundry, church, sew, and that is about it. I know for sure that the older I get the faster the time goes.

Hearing that we are going to have a freeze on Monday night I figured it was time to put away my summer short sleeved blouses and shirts. Got the totes out, took out the sweats and long sleeved garments, and packed away the summer ones. Wonder how many things that I could wear last cold season I will be able to fit my enlarging stomach/hips into this year? But gaining weight doesn't bother me as much as it used to. My sweet husband still thinks I have a wonderful body...(I know he can't see too well). I still have curves - some just turn the wrong way.

We are not going to church tonight as per our usual routine. Reason being the family life center is being turned into a carnival like atmosphere for all the children in their Halloween costumes. It will be wall-to-wall kiddos playing games, etc. So the normal service has been dismissed for this function. This is a good way to reach children and their parents that do not attend our church.

Late yesterday afternoon we put all the plants that have to be "wintered over" in the well house. Leon had fixed one long shelf that is permanent for my plants...but we also had to set up a board on two saw horses for some....several that were tall we just put them on the floor. He also installed several places for the hanging plants. It was such a lovely day that it seemed a shame to store them away...but we knew that within a few days it would be too cold at night for them. Now the back porch/patio looks so naked and barren...just the table and chairs.

When ironing yesterday I got my shoulders and neck in a contest with each other -because since then they have been hurting like the dickens. So I suppose I will contact the chiropractor tomorrow and get an appointment for Tuesday. Reason for Tuesday is we will be in town anyway for Leon's usual appt. for his blood sugar etc.

All of you have a grand and wonderful week...May the blessings from God flow ever so freely!


Norma said...

I could sit and look out that window and enjoy! Even though you are getting ready for the cold weather, still looks really wonderful.

Having the same problem with the winter clothes fitting. It is down to I either go back on the diet or go to Good Will and find some bigger jeans. Hmmmmmmm, my husband doesn't mind either but my dr sure does.

Hope you do go and have a nice trip. We found that you enjoy home even more if you go away once in a while.

Michelle said...

While you are at the chiropractor, buy a 'roll on' container of Biofreeze. It is my best friend for my aching neck.

Your view is beautiful. It almost looks like you live in a park.

Have a wonderful week!

Hazel said...

That is some view out your window ,it's gorgeous .
I've had the same kind of week as you had ,nothing spectacular happening good or bad ,thats fine with me I'm very content and feeling very blessed for all we have .
I'm afraid to get my winter close out I'm not a big person but all the weight I do carry ,is in my stomach ,think I may have to go to Good Will with you LOL

Amanda said...

What a wonderful view you have, it must be glorious to see the changing seasons from your window. We've had our first early morning frost last week, and I've been wearing my winter weight clothes for some weeks now. Same problem, not enough exercise = weight gain = none of my clothes fit! Hey ho.

Bo said...

Morning Amelia...this was a lovely read today and the photos were wonderful...what a view you get to enjoy... ;-) Bo

Belvie said...

What a lovely view! Things are looking mighty fall like here at my house too.

I'm a little ahead of you. Cleaned my plants a week ago. I always give them a good wash down with a soap and water solution before I bring them in to the unfinished basement for the winter.

And....get yourself prepared for that cold weather. It was 32 at my house this morning. Weatherman says maybe into the 20's tomorrow morning!

Lynn said...

How lucky you are to have such a view. Such nice pictures - you have a lovely blog. It was 60 here this morning and the temp has dropped so - I should be rushing around bringing some of my plants into the garage. Winter clothes depress me :(

Shanda said...

What a beautiful yard and view you have. You have an amazing place to call home. Looks like a wonderful place to have a sunset wedding. Sometimes the normal and just hohum are very nice. The carnival sounds fun also, have a good time.

Granny Lyn said...

The Lord has blessed you with that view!

And Leon's handy work!!

I have been blessed with a good cook, which is why my winter clothes have shrunk!!!! tee hee

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Amelia, That is one amazing view from your window! Your yard is beautiful! I laughed at your "curvy tale" about your clothes! Oh me! I started taking out some things over the weekend, and I have got to cut-back on eating, cause they are much too tight! LOL! And I don't want to buy new ones! My husband doesn't mind either, but my pocketbook does! LOL!

Hope you have a great trip. Did you say when you were leaving? I may have missed that part. Sounds like a great trip! Hope your muscles are feeling better today!
~Rhonda :)

bj said...

oh, how blessed you are to have that fabulous view ALL THE TIME. Wow....
I love weeks when nothing new or bad happens.
My packing away winter clothing isn't too hard...I just move them to another closet in a guest room.
Hope your day is a good one...
love, bj

Victoria E. said...

I just loved visiting your blog. It truly is inspirational!

Christina said...

We have finally had some cold weather this week. I love cold weather, so I'm happy. I still have out some short sleeves because it might be 75 next week. That is just how it is here in GA.

What a lovely view to enjoy!

julieQ said...

Lovely views! How wonderful that you have such a loving husband, hugging the curves. I hope you do get out the enjoy the turning season!

KyQuiltlady said...

Oh, what beautiful photos!

KyQuiltlady said...

Oh, what beautiful photos!