Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday Finds

Yesterday Leon and I had a fun day - went to many garage sales. The paper was absolutely full of ads - in fact one complete page. Of course, not everyone runs an ad - so no telling how many actual yard/garage sales were going on.

I am on going to show a couple of the items that just had to come to live at our home in the country. This wrought iron double tiered basket caught my eye at one of the locations. I want to paint (Leon will probably do it) it a flat black color. Since it is right by the recliner (Leon's home base) I won't put girly stuff in it...more masculine thinking about those seeded balls that you get at Hobby Lobby...but they run rather expensive ... so may look for other types. I know that Wal-Mart sells several different styles and colors.

For the remainder of the fall season I am going to look for something to put in it to tie into this season now. Then at Christmas will put something like pine boughs (faux ones) and pine cones.

Price on this was $10.00...which I thought was reasonable...don't know exactly what they would sell for new...but this one is heavy and no broken welds. For some time I have been sort of looking for some new dishes. My plates that we use on a daily basis had been in my kitchen forever...well at least 15 years. I like them...colors were off white with a band of brown and blue around the outer edges. All I had were the plates that I had purchased at an discount place. Anyway most places sell boxed sets and I never like the coffee cups..really just interested in the plates. Well this display caught my eye and I thought this is the closest to anything I have found that I really liked. So I just up and told that lady I wanted them. Of course, not all the pieces were there but I thought I could add a couple of plates and would be in business. I ended up with 6 plates, 7 cups, 8 salad plates, and 5 soup bowls...all for $ that was about $.75 each...not bad.
This is what the cup looks like...just my style. I like mug style cups not the normal small ones. This pictures shows the color better than the plate shows...sort of a warm yellow with a bit of brown in certain places (like it was worn off). The pattern is Isabella by JCPenney.

See the plate is sort of 6 sided. It is ironstone - not china...but you could probably tell from the picture.

Last night, I thought I would check out the prices on adding a couple of plates to finish out the set. I could only find them one place...and the going price for the plate if $35.99. ...yes, that is for one plate...I bought the whole set for $20.00 so there was no way I would pay that kind of money for just one more plate. Also checked out E-Bay - but drew a blank there at this time.

Oh, another thing that was a good location had baby clothes (all girl) for 10 cents apiece. The sizes ranged from newborn to 24 months. I did not want to spend alot of time going thru all of them and picking out what I liked. So I asked her what she would sell the whole batch for...she quoted $5.00 and I took it. Last night I counted out 105 items (plus two lonely socks without mates). Seven of the items were either worn out (holes or bad elastic) or for an older child...but that certainly leaves enough for that new little granddaughter. For 5 cents per item we certainly made an excellent buy for that new little girl that is coming our way. Another added bonus I did not find any with stains on them...which is most unusual with baby clothes. But then again quite a few of these were brand new.

There were many more items we bought ...will be showing many of those as they come out of the garage and find the best place for them in the house.


Michelle said...

Wow! You scored big time! Good for you! Wasn't it fun?

I love the wrought iron double tiered basket! When you said it would sit by Leon's chair, it reminded me of when I was just a little girl. My dad had an ashtray stand that had a place underneath that a basket would fit just know, one of those red baskets with the wire and wooden handle that fruit still comes in? My dad would put his notebook, and other 'stuff' in that basket. He journalled, so as he sat there and smoked, and watched tv, he would write about his day with us kids (my folks were divorced, so when we visited, he wrote about what we did). Thanks for that memory.

Your plates are really charming too. You did good!

Aren't bargains fun????

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the dishes - the color especially. Check the junk stores, Goodwill, etc. and you might find an odd plate or two. Last week I found 8 water glasses and 6 juice glasses of my daughter's Pfaltgraf - a real steal! They were at the ReStore (Habitat for Humanity thrift store). I also like the wire baskets. I could see using those lots of places. blessings, marlene

Kristie said...

Looks like a great day at the yard sales!!! First off, I love the basket stand thing! So cute, lots of times Hobby Lobby has the 40% off coupons on their website that you can print.

Now on to the plates...I LOVE them! My Mom is wanting that same set from JCP!!! You really got a great buy because I think Mom said they were something like $200! I love them, I think they look old and antique like. I LOVE things like that!!!

Great deal on the baby clothes! My brother and his wifes baby is due next month but she is having contractions now! Mom is hoping that she waits until after she gets home on the 10th! They are having a BOY!

Norma said...

All kinds of great things to put in that iron basket, it looks great empty even!

Isn't it fun to be buying baby GIRL clothes? I don't know why it is but there seems to be more cute things for girls than boys. Max will have a well dressed sister.

I agree you might find a odd plate or cup on one of your thrift store shopping trips. If you don't, you are fine as there are just two of you so you have plenty. Company can use paper plates! LOL

Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun time. We don't have garage sales here in the UK, well none that I've ever seen. We do have car boot sales but I have never ben able to find anything to buy - too much choice and confusion for me to think straight. I love the colour of your china, it reminds me of a set that my grandmother had when I was little, sort of warm and buttery and sunny.

Suzan said...

Love the china! The wrought iron basket is really pretty and a super buy. I looked for yard sales yesterday but could not find one nearby. I was ready to shop!!

Bo said...

Morning...Oh what a deal you got on those dishes! Well, on everything else too! Isn't it just the best kind of day when you find goodies like that!
;-) Bo

Tropical Screamer said...

What great finds!

That cup is just what I'd like. Solid, practical yet very, very pretty.

And what a find on the baby clothes.

Best regards,

Hazel said...

You got a great deal on everything but I love the dishes .Our garage sales are pretty much over with for the year , the weather is getting chilly .

jacquie said...

what a great shopping day and amazing bargains! i do love a bargain. i had a shopping saturday too. oh happy day!

Victoria said...

Oh wow, love the dishes!!! Great find!

Bella Casa said...

I love those plates, that is exactly what I want, something creamy yellow and FUN...and guess what my name is??? Yep, Isabella!!!