Sunday, October 12, 2008


This month brings about memories. The scarecrow part is the autumn season . cool nights with warm pleasant days. The fall decorating - inside and out - is fun

The pink part of this whimiscal lady is that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". The color of pink has been associated with breast cancer for some time now.

I have had breast cancer two times...yes in both breasts - but at different times. The times were many years long ago that I can hardly remember the dates. The occurences were about 7 years apart .But the main part is that I am a survivor - God is good. Both times were when I was single - as far as being married was concerned - but had a circle of caring family and friends. My church family certainly helped carry much of the burden with me.

Both times I was able to keep my breasts - yes scarred - but intact. Nor did I have to endure the rigors of chemo...just had the daily doses of radiation for weeks.

My place of employment was fantastic to me both times...first time my radiation treatment was a 8:00 in the morning...was in a car pool with another woman...she would leave me at the hospital and take the car (hers or mine) on to her work...when I was thru my company would send someone to pick me up. My company was about 3 miles from the hospital.

The second time around - I would drive to the hospital - take my treatment - come back to work and continue the day. Neither time was I ever charged for the time off. Also on the second time around our company insurance was not quite as good - but the company paid for all the expenses I was charged for that was not paid for by the insurance company. Oft times it is great to work for a small company where you are "some one" and not just a "employee number".

One thing (aside from prayer) that helped me through this difficult period was to tell people about my problem... . like if you had a mountain of sand in your yard that needed to be moved .... but you gave a grain of sand to each friend as they came along...all of you together could move this mountain. To me this meant each person could carry a small bit of my burden and together we would whip this problem. It worked for me.

Today, I felt like I needed to share this.

May God bless you .


Suzan said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Amelia. I also believe that prayer and sharing the burden help us move through and past the difficult times in our lives. I cannot imagine how someone that does not have a faith life begins to deal with the times in life when prayer is our only hope and our only consolation.

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing a very intimate and personal time in your life, Amelia. What an encouraging testimony.

Yes, I agree with Suzan. I cannot imagine where people draw their strength and hope if they do not our Father's loving arms to fall in, or his caring spirit to tell our problems to and receive comfort.

YES! Friends are very important. They are God's angels that He sends to help us through ALL situations!

God bless you! Have a wonderful day!

Kristie said...

Oh Amelia, I'm sure your story gives great hope to others. not only once but twice! I'm sure it was very hard for you but God was watching over you. And I am very glad that you are a survivor and you are my friend. You have really helped me through alot lately and I thank God for you.

Janera said...

"to tell people about my problem... . like if you had a mountain of sand in your yard that needed to be moved .... but you gave a grain of sand to each friend as they came along...all of you together could move this mountain"

Amelia, this is absolutely beautiful! I want to remember this quote to share it with others who are going through something difficult -- what a wonderful sentiment.

I'm so thankful that you have been blessed with people all around you who love and value you, and who lifted you up in times of difficulty.

You ARE a survivor! Praise God!

Bo said...

Oh my goodness, isn't it amazing the things we learn about one another through these blogs... You are a SURVIVOR! Thanks for sharing this will give the rest of us incentive to be checked and perhaps the will to survive...
Count me as one of your admirers! ;-) Bo

bakinbabe said...

Wow. Amelia, I don't think I knew this...or if I did I forgot. I loved the beautiful sand analogy. Thank you for sharing.
Love you!

Belvie said...

So glad you shared this. Sounds like your work place was "family" not just an employer....and helped you through what can be one of the most difficult times in a persons life.

Picket said...

Thank you for sharing such a personal and heartfelt story friend...I too couldn't imagine facing such an ordeal without knowing God and the power of prayer...I know God blessed your company 100 fold for their kindness to you..bless you sweetie and have a beautiful week!

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing, Amelia.


Victoria said...

What a story to share. Thank you for reminding me about sharing burdens. I think it is my pride that keeps me hanging onto mine.

Christina said...

So glad you shared your story with us. Having someone to share your burdens with is so important.

I'm also so glad that you were a survivor and It's great to hear how your employer was to you during that rough time.

I still haven't tried your cookies like Victoria has, but hope we can make them next week.

Halcyon said...

What a wonderful story! My granny had breast cancer and lived on for 20+ years after having a masectomy. I am so glad, because I would have never truly known her otherwise.

I'm glad you had plenty of friends and family to get you through those tough times. Keep surviving!

julieQ said...

I am so sorry you had to go through these things. But glad you had supportive employers that helped you through. Good for you for being so strong through it all!!