Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Have Been "Fallin"

I don't suppose "fallin" is a word - but I have doing some fall decorating - both inside and out,

I really like decorating for autumn because it stays around longer than any other holiday. This is the way everything looks now...but it is subject to know how we like to "tweak" our arrangements. Of course, I might find something else that I want to add to my list of fall favorites. This arrangment is located on one of the shelves to the left of the television.
This is one of the white pumpkins that is new to my decorating this year. Leon painted them for me (secretly he likes to paint with a can - so I let him). Three of the four pumpkins paint jobs crackled - which I like. We know why it happened - it was because of the paint he applied prior to the white. He was afraid I would be upset...but no I think it just adds to their appeal.
On one of the shelves with my "treasures".
Leon spotted this wreath at Wal-Mart and immediately said, "Put that in the basket." I knew it would look great above the mantel because of the colors in it. The white pumkins and vases tie in with the flowers in the wreath. Greetings on the front door!
Going out the back door to the patio.

My first attempt at making a "tassel". This was fun and I may make some for Christmas. This is my dining room table...if you look real close you can find light purple dots on the pitcher. By the way, this pitcher cost $3.00 at Goodwill last week. It has a couple of small chips - but I won't show you. A friend of mine told me she wanted it when ever I was tired of it...well that might be several years away. Was able to find the brocade table runner to pick up the purple at Dollar General for only $4.00. Since we use the table daily I did not want to put an elaborate arrangement on it that would wind up having to be moved all the time.
Another one in the dining room...on the buffet.
Coffee table decor.
Another one of the cute white pumpkins.
This is only part of my fall see the rest ...just come by.


Amanda said...

What amazing decorations! Is it common in your part of the world to decorate for autumn? It certainly isn't anything I've ever heard of or seen in the UK. Christmas is the only time we decorate our houses specially, apart from special birthdays perhaps.

Finn said...

Everything looks just amazing Amelia! I think you have done a fine job or replacing some of th old things, but not everything. The blending is very attractive. I love the new white pumpkins and would have thought they crackled on purpose *VBS*
It's quite amazing what can be done with a little imagination and a just a few dollars. I look forward to seeing more. Hugs, Finn

Michelle said...

I'll be right over!

Norma said...

Everything looks so nice and so well done. I have a few things that I put out but nothing as nice as all this. Of course, it is still over 100 so doesn't feel much like fall yet.

I will be over soon with cookies and to see the rest of your decorations! Get out the milk. LOL

Janera said...

You made a tassel! I've been trying to figure out how to do this! How did you do it? It looks great.

And, I love that wreath, too.

Brown-Eyes said...

Your fall decor doesn't need any "tweaking" looks very pretty and give Leon a gold star for helping you shop! LOL
:-) Bo

Hazel said...

Everything looks lovely ,You've really out done yourself .I love the white pumpkins isn't that always the way ,what we think is a mistake everyone else loves ,tell hubby he did good .

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Amelia, Your fall decor is just fabulous! I love the crackling of the white pumpkins! it so much character. You will probably start a movement across blogland...white pumpkins with a crackle finish! :) I am like Leon, I love to paint with a can! LOL! Your mantle vignette is beautiful. The blue accents really pop and blend so well with the wreath! You outdid yourself! :) ~Rhonda

Bella Casa said...

Hi Amelia,

It's nice to meet you :)

I love your mantel, it's so pretty! I will have to check out the wreaths at Walmart, that one is gorgeous!

Your tassel came out so pretty! I want to try to make one too someday:)

Love your white pumpkins! I spray painted a couple myself this year;)


Picket said...

Hello what great Fall decorations and you even made your own tassel...which looked great by the way! I love Fall of the year..the colors ..the cooler weather..and the excitement of upcoming holidays with all the family....oh I love it! Thanks for coming by sweetie and I hope you have a great week!

bj said...

oh, wow, have some great fall decorating going on here. I love your white pumpkins.
I don't decorate much for time is CHRISTMAS!
Thanks for sharing all your pretties.....

julieQ said...

Gosh, it all looks so inviting and fallish! My husband bought me some little pumpkins to display, and they are so cute...will you come over and arrange it all??

Kristie said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You will have to come to KY and decorate my new house...if we ever get it finished.