Thursday, March 20, 2008

"I'm Cool"

I have just been cooled by the breeze produced by 110 Grandmother's fans.

The quilt of 110 blocks is on it's way to being completed. All of the machine work was completed this afternoon. I don't mean I sewed it all this afternoon - just that I finished today. I started the actual sewing about 10 days ago. It didn't take me long -as there are only 10 pieces in each of the 8 inch blocks.
I wish I had a wall where I could show all the blocks...but don't have - so just blink several times and imagine you have seen all the 110 fans.

Note: if this looks wrinkled to you - it is. It was all pressed nicely - turn my back and Tramp (the yellow furry friend) was stretched out taking a afternoon siesta right on my finished project.


Norma said...

Wow, curved seams........and that many blocks? That is amazing and so beautiful. Does this one have a home in mind?

Happy to see some signs of Spring at your house.

Lynn Douglass said...

Holy moly, you got a lot done in 10 days! I love the green and white together! Very cool and a lovely quilt, indeed!

Lynn Douglass said...

Lovely quilt! The green and white together are perfect! I can't believe you got this all done in 10 days!