Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring - 2008

In taking my usual walk around the house this afternoon I spotted two definite signs of Spring. This is the peach tree. Now if we get a freeze - that will mean no peaches this year. So here is hoping that all cold/ freeze type weather is over with for this time of the year. We want peaches as that means there will be peach cobbler...and who doesn't like peach cobbler (with or without ice cream).
These small delicate purple flowers are on a ground cover we have on part of the west side of the house. It is gradually snaking its way around to the south side also.

I did notice one lonely morning glory plant peeking through the ground in the flower box in front of the well house. It is sort of early for them to start coming perhaps we are having an early spring period.

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Janera said...

This is a very pretty vinca. I just love your quilt pieces, too.