Friday, January 11, 2008

Some of 2007 Quilts

Several days ago Kristie, fellow quilter-blogger suggested we post pictures and data about some of our quilts.

I know that I have come a long ways in my quilting. I look at some of my first ones and think why did I do " this or that" in that manner. Each quilt I have made has been a learning and growing process.

Since I machine piece the top - then hand quiting it - takes many, many hours. With this in mind I don't finish many in a one year period. Now that my dear husband has retired I find I am spending less time in quilting. However, the love and passion is still there ...I will continue as long as my eye sight will allow it.

Originally, I was going to only make quilts for all the grandchildren and they were to be given to them at the time of my death. In fact, I asked daughter-in-law to be the one to make sure each one got a quilt. Plus she could handle the selection process any way she saw fit. Well, that is still true...that part has not changed.The part that has changed is I have made quilts for people and given them as gifts or "just because". This small quilt was made for great granddaughter Riley. Finished size 53" X 44" - contained 448 cut pieces.
This one was made for great granddaughter Randy. Size is 47" X 46" - has 367 cut pieces.
Quilt, pillows, drapes and bed skirt - all made by "yours truly" for one of our bedrooms. The quilt pattern is court house steps and some times called chinese lantern. Size is 107 x 96 - with 1,512 pieces.
For both Randy and Riley (both girls) quilts I chose colors with a pale hue to them.

This one was made for great grandson Hunter. Total of 656 pieces - finished size 49" X 49".

These quilts are part of the ones I made in 2007 - will show pictures of them later on "down the road".


Jen said...

What a beautiful grouping of quilts! I really like the brown/blue for your bed.

Norma said...

Lovely! Just the mention of all the pieces and all the wonderful hand quilting is impressive. I don't have a favorite but do like the one with all the pastel colors.
It was great fun looking at all these!

Hazel said...

Thank You for visiting my blog I've had so many request for that log cabin Christmas quilt unfortunately I made it when I first started quilting 4 years ago and didn't keep the magazine it was in ,Sorry .Your quilts are wonderful ,I really like the one you did for your great son ,I also love that garden wagon your hubby made its beautiful, what a talented couple you are.

bakinbabe said...

I love seeing your quilts. They are all so beautiful and represent many hours of work. Your family is quite blessed by your talent!

Kristie said...

Oh Amelia, they are all so beautiful. I admire that you hand quilt. I have a few that I have handquilted, but most are machine quilted. It is always so inspiring to see someone elses work. They are all so lovely.