Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A New Bed

Admit it, when you read the title you thought we had gone shopping for a new bed for one of the bedrooms.

If that was what you thought, you were wrong.

The strawberries just got moved to their new home. The weather was so nice for such a move. Also noticed they were starting to send out new growth in their crowns.

So if all goes great, we will have a excellent crop of berries. Or at least, we are hoping so!


Kristie said...

I love strawberries. I remember when I was little we had a strawberry patch and they were the best tasting berries. I have tried over the years to find plants that produced the same tasting berries, but have had no luck. Oh and I see that Leon has been very busy. I see a bunch of baskets or flower pots in the corner of the photo!!

Norma said...

Wow, but aren't you afraid of bad weather? Do you cover them at night? Stawberry shortcake is ahead! Yummmmm!

We lost our tomatoes to frost and we covered them too! It just goes below freezing at night and that really gets to a lot of the plants that they plant here.

Pretty handy husband you have there!