Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Jumpin' Jonquils"

No, this is not a current picture. It was taken in March of last year.

You ask - "How does that relate to this year?" - well, let me tell you.

This morning while piddling around in the yard (actually waiting for my husband to say he needed my help) I noticed my jonquils are starting to peek through . What a delight to see the small green tips pushing their way up through the ground, mulch and leaves to capture some sun light

In six or seven weeks I will have flowers of 2008 just like those above of 2007.

You can be sure I will post pictures of them too!


Norma said...

Nothing helps you get through the long winter better than the promise of flowers in the Spring. Thank you for sharing.......and be sure and show us when they bloom again.

Kristie said...

They are lovely! I can't wait to see all of your flowers in full bloom.

Hazel said...

oh I needed that touch of spring today ,there lovely .