Friday, January 04, 2008

"The New Look"

I decided today was the day to introduce the new Hobby Lobby purchases to the mantle in the living room. The mantle had been completely empty since I took down all the Christmas decorations a few days ago. So after cleaning house I brought everything in from the sewing room. Decided the picture that was over the mantle would look better over the sofa - and the one over the sofa would look better on the mantle with the new items. So switched out the pictures.

I knew I would need something else to add for color and balance. Decided the two pitchers and vase would do the trick. The vase is a very pale blue - looks almost clear in these pictures though. This camera shot - not real clear- shows the full fire place and all the decorations. I could not turn the over head light on as it would reflect back in the picture and looked bad!
Up close!
The two pitchers I picked up at the goodwill store in town several months ago. This one was made by an individual back in 1962 - according to the markings on the bottom. I just like the blue and white combination - and probably paid one or two dollars for it.
When I saw this little pitcher in the saucer (or what ever you call the thing it is sitting in) I knew I wanted it for my collection of white stoneware. Of course, I paid two or three dollars for it. Remember, I like real bargains.

Now this is the way it all looks today...but who knows it may change. I like to arrange things, live with them a few days, then may change them again.


Kristie said...

It is beautiful! I love your decorating style, it is very pretty. I really like your fireplace. I think they are very relaxing to look at. I use ours alot during the Winter. Since we have a sawmill we have tons of small pieces of wood to burn. The bad part of it is the dust.

Norma said...

I love those candle sticks. They go so nice with the little pitcher. My mantle is still "naked" from the Christmas clean up. Maybe today...........

We have a new Goodwill just up the street, hope I find a bargain as wonderful as your pitcher!

eonyc said...

Blue & white is my favorite color scheme! Looks lovely!