Sunday, January 06, 2008 a hint of green!

That describes the looks of part of our flower beds and yard. For the most part everything is dead with a brownish gray cast to the stems and few leaves.

Today the temperature is quite nice-I suppose in the upper 60's- with a wind blowing. "Being outside" was calling to me - and dear husband was already out there moving some landscape timbers to the garden area (that is another story/post later on). Wandered around the yard some...just peaking in this area and poking around in yet another flower bed.

Made some discoveries too. A couple of plants are starting to get some green om them. The chrysanthemums are getting a few new green leaves at the bottom of their dry leafy stems. Also one of the rose bushes is putting out new growth. I will trim all the rose bushes back during the first week of March.

Just had to get my hands in the dirt though. I chose only one of the many flower pots and removed all the dead "stuff". This pot contained coleus and varigated swedish ivy last year. Who knows what I will plant there this spring! The soil was warm and somewhat damp to the touch...and it felt good. I do like gardening so much!

I know I am dreaming right now. We will have several more weeks of cold. Perhaps, even more snow and ice.

But for today - I enjoyed the warmth and even got in the tree swing and swayed back and forth. Leon came by and gave me several big scary like pushes so I was really flying high in the air.


Dana D said...

Oh Amelia~ Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It really brightened my day!

I think you just may have helped kicked my non-posting tail in high gear!

Thanks! Dana

Kristie said...

I can't wait to see photos of your flowers in bloom. Right now, I only have one flower bed in my front yard it is about 16ft, and as of right now, it looks terrible. I love flowers and plan to do so much more after we finish the house, because we will have to do some dozer work on the yard and I would hate to have to move everything. So I am waiting to plant more later.