Thursday, January 03, 2008


Yes, 1, 2 3, 4 5. I purchased 5 table cloths when I was at K-Mart today.

These were on the 50% off Christmas stuff shelves. This made the price $3.00 each. I don't use a table cloth all the time - we just use place mats. But on occasion I will put on a table cloth. The pattern is a woven stripe - not anything related to christmas - so they can be used any month of the year.

The colors I chose are: country blue, red, white, off white and gold. The fabric is 100% polyester and I know it will stain fairly easy...but at that price I don't care.

The plates I use are stoneware. One set is beige with a blue and brown stripe around the edge. The other set is just white. So both sets will go well.

I am so excited in getting them...Yes, some times just small things make me so happy!

Wonder which one I should use tomorrow for lunch - when we have hamburgers (LOL).


Norma said...

I vote for the off white with gold. You need that golden touch with hamburger! It is that kind of stuff that makes me happy too, especially if it is "cheap". Do you have candle sticks to go with it? Maybe next shopping trip you will find them if you don't! LOL

Kristie said...

Don't you just love those after Christmas sales? You can't beat thoses prices for tablecloths. Mom and I may have to run by KMart sometime this weekend!