Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Naked...but wait a while.

Just finished taking down all the Christmas decorations and packing them in totes and boxes. At this point the living room/dining room looks so strange and naked.

We got some new decorating pieces for the mantle at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. Leon picked them out and I liked them. Not always do our tastes agree on things like that. I told him I was looking for something in blue. It is a large, large plate with matching candle holders. I was looking for a soft beige colored candle - but could not find any - so got some off white to use in the mean time. I will post pictures after I get them on the mantle.

Yesterday afternoon I was getting itching feet and wanted to drive into town. Yes, living in the country, it is a drive , taking more than just a minute or so. We wanted to go by Walgreen Drug store and check out their after Christmas sale. The last 3 years we have found some great bargains there when they mark their Christmas stuff at 75% off. Hit it again this year with some bargains. Leon picked out several more things for the yard as he is the one that does the yard decorating (or least for the most part). I got three more boxes of cards and I think that was all. We really didn't "need" anything.

Then went on to K-Mart to look at their marked down pre-lit trees. I had sort of wanted to get a replacement tree. The store had several and the prices were okay...but did not find one that would fit in the location in the living room that looked any better than the one we currently have. Did see where they had their tables cloths on sale...but could not decide which size to get. I measured the table so will check again on Thursday when I get out of the beauty shop.

On to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries (the store was packed) and then back home.

It was so bitter cold when we reached the house we took in just what had to be brought in... left the rest until this morning.


Jen said...

It's bitter cold here too. My computer is claiming that it's 19 degrees, but I know it's much lower than that with windchill. I thought I heard on my way home that it was single digits or it was supposed to get to single digits.

Kristie said...

It is soooo cold here. I just looked at the thermometer and it said 12 degrees.

I just love shopping at Hobby Lobby. Our closest one is about 1 1/2 hours away, but I do go every chance that I get.

Mom, my sister, and I always hit the after Christmas sales. I guess it is a tradition for us. We love it.

Norma said...

They are building a new Hobby Lobby just a few blocks away from us. I am so excited! There is one in the Phoenix area but it is clear across town.

Love those after Christmas bargains! Something about 75% off really gets my attention! LOL